After watching the trailer of “The Super Parental Guardians” from our TV screen at home, I planned to watch it along with my daughter before the holiday season. I wanted to take her to the movie house with a film that would make her laugh a lot and of course make her happy.

From the trailer itself, it already gave us a lot of laughter and fun. I could not forget how my daughter giggles on top of her voice after watching the scene were two of the main casts were dining when Neil “Paco” Nabati (portrayed by Coco Martin) pulled out the noodle from one of the nostrils of  Ariel Ciriaco “Arci” Taulava (portrayed by Vice Ganda).

On its second day screening (December 2, 2016) my mom unexpectedly decided to watch a movie and she said let’s watch the film of Vice Ganda that is currently showing on the cinemas.

Personally, I didn’t like the first part of the movie because it showed violence and troubles. But as the story went on, we started to laugh and laugh even more. It even made us cry out of happiness. I could not explain the joy on my daughter’s face while watching the movie. Same goes with my dad and mom who were with us.

The scene on this movie that I liked most is when Vice Ganda attended the schools’ family day of the two kids and pretended as their mother. How he pour out his effort and joined the different activities just to show support on the siblings and he did it with all his heart.

Indeed a comedy movie and a family movie of the year.

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