Are you wondering why do the culprits getting outnumbered nowadays? Are you also wondering why most of the youth are getting irresponsible and disobedient to their parents?  Are you even aware of the fact that we are now living currently in the worst generation of the youth? What do you think are the things that triggered these to happen? What do you think are the things that stops this inevitable conundrum to continue that can be perceived everywhere these days?


As the days goes by, the world are getting deceived and got misled by their own everyday actions. This short article opens everyone’s eyes to the truth about the current generation. As what we can observe these days, almost everybody are controlled by the technology especially the youth. This may be due to the fact that almost every thing can be accessible in internet such as information, communication, entertainment, news, etc.

There is nothing wrong with these things objectively. But the only thing that made this wrong is that we can get influenced easily in these things which is the reason why the youth are getting worse.

We are here in this world to love and respect one another especially doing good things and setting goals for our future. However, because of the technology and social life, most of the youth are getting disobedient and rebels to their parents.They usually forgot the fact that their parents are the one who worked so hard just to sustain their everyday needs such as their food and education. But still they still continue to do foolish things for their own pleasure which are a waste of time.

For instance, they didn’t prioritize their education just to do things which aren’t necessary such as getting addicted in video games and keeps on getting attention to the people in social media for procrastination. And the worst of all, their engagement of using of drugs and selling their bodies to some sites for money. And the question is, where are the moral values and virtues that are being learned in school? Are they just putting it to waste?

These days, most of the news that I’ve heard and observed regarding to my generation is purely pessimistic. It may be harsh but its a sad truth. They are trying to destroy and eradicate the terminology “Youth”. Instead for the strong existence of hope of the elderly to the world they lived in, it looks like they are trying to disappoint them. Some of their acts are completely opposite of the manners and virtues learned from the good, old days.

What do you think is the typical source of these actions? Social life. Well, youth are open to their friends and may also suffer to negative peer pressure. It may be due to some personal problems such as anxiety and depression. Those things may push them to their limits especially those who don’t have inner peace. Due to this, they may get engaged to vices like, smoking , drinking, drugs etc. which are basically the worse things that can be done by a young person.

Most of these cases can also be picked up in the social media. Any stuffs can be posted in the news feed wherein we can perceive a lot of random posts from random people. The bad thing is most of them put their emotional statements in there which are usually bullying people and putting them to embarrassment. And also, they are also posting photos (usually explicit stuffs) just to earn a myriad of likes! Will you waste a lot of time for that unnecessary thing? They would’ve helped their loved ones do the household chores or finish their assignments or enhance some of their skills instead of doing things which doesn’t even contribute to their future.

Well, let’s go for the conclusion. Everything may sound negative (Yes it is indeed really is, but that’s sadly the truth) but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any solutions at all. Well, in order to solve this huge conundrum we have commenced, we must continue to become a good person (It sounds easy but it is indeed very difficult to do). We must prioritize for the things that gives us a successful future. Not just priorities, but also respect. We must continue to respect and love one another. We must never forget the purpose of our existence. We are here to love and to pursue our dreams. We will never do this just for the sake of our selves, friends, family, loved ones but also to God who continued to love us despite of the shameful things we did.

Everything in here can be perceived as words but this got the essence to remind the youth to give up all the things that are destroying them in disguise. Want to be successful? Be disciplined and do what is right. Always use the mind! Not just keep on expressing words just to hide your identity and escape the truth. Acknowledge the truth! and accept changes! These exist not to destroy us but to help us go forward to a wonderful future. Just do the right thing, and our lives’ path will be straightened towards the right one.


– Erik O.