Need for new technology like IPads

Modern gadgets, such as IPads and smartphones, are not only catching up with offices, but also in our homes. While these items ease the workloads in various business establishments and offices, their effects among children cannot be undermined.

        child engrossed in playing IPad

Ipads in homes

In some ways, Ipads and smartphones ease the parents’ load in their babysitting. Easy navigation, colorful images and lots of games can easily attract the kids’ attention. Parents can then proceed to do other pressing jobs while kids are busy navigating their Ipads. Soon these children become expert in swiping  their “electronic toys”. But, sooner or later, these kids get the hang of these toys and become addicted to them.

Signs of Addiction

One of the telltale signs of gadget addiction is when children become easily bored if assigned to do other tasks. They seem to have a world of their own. They communicate less. As a result of late and hurried meals, sedentary lifestyle and exposure to radiation, they have physical and health issues. They also suffer sleeping problem and become more irritable.

Children Playing with Other Kids

It is normal for kids to be playful. They enjoy playing with other good kids. Playing stimulates good values such as sharing, helping and patience. Some children learn to be obedient followers while others learn to be good leaders. While playing, kids also develop teamwork and sportsmanship. Besides developing these positive attitudes, active children are relatively physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.

Best Remedy

Since we are living in this age where there are always new technologies, we can introduce and patiently teach the use of Ipads to our kids along with set of rules and limitations. These gadgets can even help us mentor our kids and have bonding moments with them. In this way, we are not depriving them of something that may prove useful in the future. The important considerations are supervision and moderation.