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Sabang Beach, Baler is a long stretch of gray sand beach located in the
province of Aurora, Philippines, facing East over the Pacific Ocean. This is
where I started my love for surfing.

Back in 2013, I was invited by a friend to try surfing again for the second
time. And so we rent a van and headed to Aurora on a long weekend.

So here’s what my typical surf trip in Baler looks like:

The travel begins at 12mn or 1am so I can get to Baler at 6.30am, just in
time to settle down at home and have a quick breakfast. Oh wait. I forgot to
mention my favorite part of the trip. It’s the view of the Pantabangan Dam
in Nueva Ecija which is so breath taking during sunrise.

Okay. Back to the schedule…


I usually go to Sabang at 7am, hoping that my instructor is
already awake and had his coffee. Most of the time, I wake him up and force
him to take his coffee so we can start at 7.30am. Haha. And so the paddling
wipe out-ing, paddling, surfing, wipe out-ing again begins. It’s sort of a
cycle for a beginner like me, you know! I can’t surf more than 2hrs so I
stop at around 9 or 9.30am. Have early lunch with my instructor at the
Rolling Store where you can eat a super full meal with less than PHP100.

Before heading home I usually pass by the market to buy rice, water, eggs,
dried fish or anything I find easy to cook for dinner/breakfast. My home in
Baler btw is around 5mins walking distance from Joybus Terminal or 5mins
tricycle ride to Sabang. Okay. So before taking my siesta at around 12nn, I
set the alarm for 3.30pm.

At 4pm, I’m usually out in the water again surfing until before it gets
dark. I go home around 630pm, wash, cook dinner and head back to Sabang for
some social drinking. Social drinking for me is anywhere where my instructor
and some of his students are gathered, have a few drinks and some after
surf sesh analysis of what happened that day. haha! I’m different when I’m
in Baler. I have limits on my drinking and I’m conscious with my time ’cause
I know that I have to wake up early the next day to surf and get my 6hr
travel worth. #Priorities

So there. That is what my typical surf trip in Baler looks like. Yes! I’m an
introvert. And I love the independence and isolation I experience when I’m
in Baler.

“So why Baler? Not Elyu or Zambales or Real? Other spots are near your place
but why Baler? Why travel 5-6hrs just to surf there?” I usually get this
questions from my friends and relatives. So why?

For me, it’s the simplicity of the town. The stillness.The province vibe is
still there, not yet full of parties here and there (I hope this last
though). The overflowing hospitality of the locals. Someone will always be
there to help you hitch or rent a ride to go to other spots. Speaking of
which, you never really ran out of spots in Baler. There seems to be a
‘secret spot’ being discovered every now and then. And these secret spots
are really kept secret so you have a go to place when you’re up there during
long weekends. The people in the line up. The random acquintances turned
genuine friends. There are lot more to say but it’s hard for me to even
start trying to explain. I guess the best way is to just let other people
experience Baler because to each his own right? Different strokes for
different folks. Haha!

Ohwell. So. There you have it! Oh yeah. Here’s a couple of places to visit when you’re in Baler:

Ditumabo Falls

Digisit Beach.

Ermita Hill


Dicasalarin Cove

There are a lot more places to visit in Aurora other than Baler. Check out their Tourism Page .

Enjoy Baler! Enjoy Aurora! It’s more fun in the Philippines.


PS. I haven’t tried Real, Quezon honestly. And from the surf trips of my
friend, I can tell that it’s Baler-ish for me. So if anyone of you heading
there in March, let me know 🙂