What do I believe in?


I am just wondering why things happened the way you don’t expect them to be. Sometimes, not according to plan and sometimes more than what you have planned for. Why can’t we get things in an easy way? Why we failed and get lost and in  why we succeeded?

As we hear the famous expression, Life begins at forty, here I am with my life at the age of forty, starting a brand new career and endeavors. Eighteen years in Accounting industry, where I have almost reached and enjoyed the peak of my career. This is the plight. My job was far from my family.  I  left it and decided to be a full-time mom.  Because  I have a feel that I am most needed by my family. What I have given up as an office-based working professional is  far beyond compare to the worth of being a mother. And that’s it. A new set of goal has been set to adjust. Though, I enjoy every day doing the things I have never done while I was away and working.  Now, I can teach and help my son in doing his assignments. I can attend PTA meetings at school. I can do household chores and finally be a mom.  But, while at home and attending to my family’s needs, I still have to boost my career and earn more for a living and here starts my struggles.

A lot of ‘whys’ clouded on my mind. But, I thank for the wisdom and an eye opener that when I close my eyes and feel my heart, I can find the answers to all my questions.

We are all on a journey of life. We have our own path though come from different directions, we all aim one destination, Life’s fulfillment. Spare ourselves from negativity and drama and let our dreams spark. Live with it passionately. I believe that what is happening now is just part of the journey and everything will be okay. I entrust my fate to God that all my struggles will turn to success in His time.