Ways to Earn in Baking

Do you bake? Is it your hobby? There are ways to earn in baking.

If you have a passion for baking and/or you have noticed that a lot of people complement for your tasty and amazing baked goods. There are wonderful ways to have fun and at the same time turn your love for baking as a source of income. I will show you how:

First: Start  a Bakery

If you have at least one recipe that stand out, example is pandesal you may start on it. There are a lot stories online about sweet success started on pandesal. Or you have a lot of recipe, baked good to showcase you may put up a bakery. However, just like any other business, running a bakery also involves its own share of hard work, networking, budgeting, financial management, good decision making and marketing to be successful. So I would suggest to conduct a research for right location, suppliers, attend seminars etc….


Second: Selling Bake Goods

It is easy to start with. You already have a kitchen and knowledge of baking and you don’t need to upgrade your oven. What you need to do is to create your tasty baked goods in a presentable or as much as possible in  a unique awesome packaging to easily attract your customers. Then sell it locally with your family, friends, neighbor or thru online.


Third: Share your Recipies

You have tons of recipes you’re pretty proud of that you wouldn’t mind sharing! Show your creativity in presentation, a step-by-step procedure, ingredients to make your recipe. You have  a choice to make a photos, video, blog or post then publish it. There are lots of people wants to learn some recipes for their family events. Example, posting it to a social video sites like YouTube can increase exposure and bring more traffic. Also, embedding videos into recipe pages increases the value of the page from both visitors and search engines perspectives.