Dear Househusbands,

Have you heard of these lines before

“Hey, you are the head of the family, why do you allow your wife to be the provider? Don’t just stay at home! Work Work Work!”

Others say, “You can’t let your wife to the WORK! You are the man! It’s a shame to see your wife going to the office while you are washing the dishes at home, cooking for dinner, and taking care of the kids! You are such a shame.”

One more famous line I have heard, “It’s Biblical! The husband/man should be the PROVIDER of the family.” 

Can I hear a BIG “That’s Me!”  from all the so-called HouseHUSBANDS out there? 

Well maybe, let me start by proudly saying, “THAT’S ME!”

First of all I didn’t write this blog to promote HOUSEHUSBANDism (if there’s such a term). I just want to express my opinion that NOT ALL househusbands are merely irresponsible just like many people see them…us. Well there are SOME who are really irresponsible, but not all.

Second, I just want to inspire all the househusbands to STEP-UP. If you really love staying at home, then it’s just fine but strive to fulfill your God-given role(PROVIDER) given that if you are really physically and mentally capable to doing it.

So to all the househusbands out there, here are my tips so that we could change how the world view us.

Are you ready?  Let’s start!

  1. Be the LEADER of your family.

    Yes! That’s how our Creator designed us.
    We have to be the leader of our family.
    If you already have children, then the more that you have to step up.

    Now, how can a househusband be a leader?

    Do you know that Generals doesn’t necessarily need to be out of the field to win a war?
    Generals or leaders should be good decision makers. They make the strategy. They make the plan.
    They lead the planning and most of all, they make sure that they involve their TEAM(Wife and Children).

    The reason why many people see househusbands as worthless because they cannot see them as a LEADER. On the other hand, they see househusbands as a KING; the BOSS! The sad reality is that among these people who give them these name tags are their wives and children.

    Stop being a KING.
    My fellow househusbands, START BEING A LEADER!

    Then eventually, the more that other people see that despite being incapable of doing some required roles that you should do as a husband, but because they see you as a GOOD LEADER, their perception towards you as a househusband will change.


    2. Be the LOVER of your family.

    I will just make this simple.
    Do you want to be respected? Then learn to be a LOVER.
    We are created to love our family.
    Our wife and children deserved to be loved.

    The more that we express our love towards them, the more that they will RESPECT us and our decisions.

    Now, as househusbands, in what way can we express our love towards them?

    Here comes some of our respectable househusband roles:
    -Wash the dishes!
    -Clean the house!
    -Do more house chores!
    – Feed the pets!
    – Go to the marketplace and buy your necessities! and MOST IMPORTANTLY…

    Yes, the key is to involve them. Remember that you are in one team, right?
    The more that you involve them, the more that you admit that you need them.
    The more that they feel that you need them, the more that they will feel your LOVE.
    The more that they feel your love, now matter who you are(as a househusband), you will be RESPECTED.


    3. Do your best to be a PROVIDER, even you are at home.

    The question here is that, 

    “Despite of your incapability to have a corporate job;
    Despite of your physical condition;
    Despite of whatever other people say about you being a househusband;
    BUT because you have the main reason to have the FREEDOM to spend more time with your family, are you really doing your BEST and thinking of a way to be a PROVIDER for them?”

    Let me tell you how powerful this question is and how it changed my life.

    Here’s my story:
    Way back 2014, I was diagnosed to have water in my lungs.
    The following year, I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis.
    April of 2016 I got married, then September of that same year my wife got pregnant.
    I just have this though in my mind: “How can I provide for my family despite of my condition?”

    CONSIDERING my health condition, I really dedicated myself to find ways how to be successful financially.
    Then FINALLY, God is great and He is really full of mercy.
    Through the wisdom that comes from Him, I come up to a decision to work from home.
    So what are the preparations I did? 

    First, I requested my parents (who is just our neighbor and one block away) to allow me to connect to their internet service via a 20-meter LAN CABLE. Why? I’m still not sure if I will be working from home for good so I decided not to have our personal internet service. (Frugality strikes 🙂

    Second, I researched what are the jobs that I can have at home.

    Thirdly, in November 22, 2016,  I started applying as an Online English Teacher and guess what? I got rejected on the first company where I applied. After one week, I applied to another Online English school. This time I got accepted! After 1 week of intense interview and mock lessons, I finally land a job in a very RARE but popular Online English School in Japan 🙂

    Officially, I am working from home! Two months later, I’ve decided to expand my career working from home and decided to try being a Virtual Assistant and up to this moment I’m fully dedicated to pursue my career as a Virtual Assistant. 

    To my fellow househusbands, the opportunity is not just OUT there.
    It can also be INSIDE your house.
    Yes, it might sound strange but FINALLY, we can make a change on how the world sees us.

    Now here’s my last question: Are you ready to live as a LEADER, LOVER, and PROVIDER?

Your friendly co-Househusband,

Brian Zenarosa