When I started working 14 years ago I always thought that being in the corporate world is the best way to start your career and probably it will also be everyone’s gateway to accomplish success in whatever field they choose. I was definitely wrong! And why it took me 14 long years to realize that realty? Because 14 years ago I don’t have a daughter who changes the way I see life, I don’t have these little tots who reminds me that I can do better, I don’t have these little miracle who believes that mommy is a real life super hero. Nope I’m not in freelancing right now, I am actually still working as Operation Supervisor for franchise restaurant. Yes you read it right, I am not working online yet and I am still in a corporate world travelling daily from home to office. I’m not earning 3 figures or more even though I already spent 14 years, let’s just say that I’m only earning average might be enough for our expenses and current financial obligations but not enough to provide my future plans and goals. I just came to appoint in my life that I am looking for more, a different environment wherein it will allow me to do what I love to do while be with my daughter.

While writing this blog I am currently enrolled at VA Bootcamp. I’m not there yet but I took my first step by enrolling in the bootcamp. I’m not there yet but I know this is the beginning of a new long journey. I’m not there yet but I know I can do it. But despite of having a stable job why do I still want to work from home? Although I’m earning the average why do I still want more? These are my WHY’S:

In my current situation I am working 8-9 hours a day plus 6-8 hours travel time back and forth, by the way I live in Caloocan and I am working in Makati. My work can give me stress but those 6-8 hours travel time waiting for hours and hours while falling in line plus absorbing metro manila’s pollutions could give me more stress than my work. Imagine how many hours I can save if I will be working from home. I can be able to take care of my daughter I will be present in her very milestone and be with my family more times than often. I will be in every Birthdays, Christmas, New years and other important occasions in the family. I can also travel more and not considering the remaining vacation leaves I have. I can have more bonding time with my friends and colleagues.

I will be able to choose when and where I want to work. Unlike in my corporate work I have no choice but to wake up as early as 4 o’clock in the morning to get ready for work and leave at home by 5:30 am and whether or not I finished my work earlier I must go out at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Even though I feel exhausted I still need to wake up, get dress and go to work. With freelancing I can freely apply to job posting I think I would be happy to do. I can say “No” anytime to any offer that I think would not fit in my capabilities.

Freelancing is huge. There are lots of job offer in the market in different fields. For these reason I can be able to learn new ideas with regards to my interest. New world, new people and yes, adjustment might be a huge factor but I think I can cope up. I hope I will. I will probably coordinating in different clients or even colleagues in the same fields which I know I can get more ideas on how I can work out things.I can also learn new skills while presently working in a certain job or a project which seems impossible in my current situation in corporate world.

This may depend on my perseverance in pursuing this career or how I eager to find clients and not giving up too soon. My basis for this reason was just testimonials I have read in different groups and site I have checked. Successful stories that inspires me everyday, a stay at home mom, newbie blogger former fast food chain crew all earning and exceeding their goal in freelancing. Freelancing is not an easy job but it will depend on one’s time management and how they choose a job that is worth their time and effort. I believe that in order for you to become successful you have to know your worth. In freelancing your rate is how much you value your self. The road might be a little bumpy in the beginning but I know it will be worthwhile.

There are times I want to stop and give up, I still have work anyway but I keep reminding my self of these reasons, as the quote said “If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit” – Banksy.