Why you should visit our Province of Nueva Ecija!!

Nueva Ecija farmWhy you  should visit  our Province of  Nueva  Ecija!!

Agriculture  is  the main  industry of the province wherein Farming is the common  source of livelihood. Visitors can  enjoy the greens  scenery almost everywhere.  You are  breathing with the fresh air with No pollution as compare to  the  big city  like  Metro Manila. But  aside  from rice  crops, we also have corns,onions  and  different  kinds  of vegetables  which most  of their harvest  supplies to Metro  Manila  and  nearby  Areas.

    Where to Stay….

Harvest  Hotel  is  the  place  to stay with  it  is  the newest  hotel situated 1179 Pio del Pilar Street, Nueva Ecija, Cabanatuan City,  some known celebrities  had  stayed  in this  hotel.

          Where  to  Dine…

EDNA’s Cakeland….

Don’t  leave  this  province  without taking  a  trip  to  the famous Edna’s  Cakeland, try  their mouth watering different  Pastries, and bring home  as  Pasalubong their  “Chicken  Empanada” it  is  situated  in  Kapitan Pepe Subdivision, 1 Don Manuel Avenue, Cabanatuan City, 3100 Nueva Ecija.