1237 Tomas Morato Avenue, Kamuning, Quezon City. Open from 6pm to 3am.


This hidden bar & restaurant gem in a Gas Station in Quezon City is a must try. Okay, maybe the word “gem” isn’t exactly the perfect word for it. Ultimate Liempo Haus looks like an abandoned place, and the fact that business hours start at six in the evening, when it is starting to get dark, does not help for first-timers.

The first time a friend of mine introduced us to this place, we thought that she was joking. We went our way to the 2nd floor where there are more tables and it smelled like old wood that… maybe we shouldn’t go into detail with that and focus on their food. Because despite the appearance and ambiance, it is a great hangout place for chicken wings and some booze if you drink. Here is a sneak peek of their menu:


Now, to the main attraction: Chicken Wings!

Their chicken wings or Wendell’s Wings¬†as they call it, is the best! In my own opinion, it is much better than high-end chicken wings out there. Plus, it is much more affordable! With just 175 pesos, you can fill up your hungry tummy with 10 wings. What’s unique about their wings is that it is deep-fried with butter and the natural flavor of the chicken is not compromised. It also has that perfect golden brown color which lets you know that the correct time-temperature combo for deep-frying is achieved. It is not overloaded with breading so you can taste the skin just right. Then there’s the finishing touches of onion chives. It comes with a sweet special sauce that perfectly matches and balances the saltiness of the butter. Behold!

Look. At. That. Wings, purely wings. So if you’re having a bad day, you know what to do and order a plate of this heavenly wings.