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Wanderlust – a strong desire to travel (ref: google)

Our Generation today, majority have this urge to explore the world with our own two feet. To take us to distant and undiscovered places. To seek a thrilling kind of adventure in life, and to be able to meet new faces along the way.  I am one of those people, who would do anything to travel. I see my career as my drive to earn enough to support my travel goals. Being able to travel gives me serenity in myself. How does a millennial, who loves to travel, balance the three important things in her life; CAREER, LOVE, and TRAVEL?

1. Career
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We have spent  years in building our careers, from the day we learn how to talk and walk.  Go to school and graduate, to  find a stable job and have a family and die. Is it just the way things work?

Having a good education and to graduate on the course our parents wants or we love. To be able to practice them is an honor. We have survived those endless nights studying, cramming and crying our hearts out to reach the grade we deserve. To be able to walk down our graduation rites and received our diploma. A one of our many achievement in a chapter of our lives, the result of that hard work pays off.

Working on a 8-hours job is no easy task. Commitment and focus are necessary to be able to deliver my work as timely and efficiently. My career is on the line to be able to get what I want. The money I make is what I use for all my expenses. It is a sense of responsibility and independence. If a time to travel is good, there will be ways that will show itself without even looking for. Never rush or take shortcuts for things just to make it yours, let the opportunity come to you.

As I said, hard work pays off. Savor your leave credits, a good advice is to plan ahead for trips you would want to take. Grab promo fares, enjoy all your leave credits and plan trips on weekends. As hectic as you can be at work, you deserve a little break.


2. Love

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Being in the state of love is a wonderful feeling. You have someone you could share your everything with. Someone who will be there for you. #mayforever

Merely impossible now a days. Media primarily focused on subjects that are happening in real life. The struggles of different types of people just for love. There are types of love that makes us crazy and self-doubting. There are those that makes us strong and confident. Decision making is based on our emotions or feelings. We may accept the results of those decisions or regret it.

I am in a long-distance relationship, and this is my first long-term relationship. We have been through a lot of trials, good and bad. We resolved our issues and have always been open to each other. That’s how we do it. He is aware of my desire to travel a lot and he is very supportive. Being able to be comfortable to the person you want to spend a lot of time with is very important. Travelling is a lot fun with the one you love. Travelling is one of the ways you could all enjoy ,relax and be able to connect with people.  It is healthy to change your scenery.

3. Travel

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I covered travel with my previous subjects. Travelling is one way for me to release steam from work. I get to spend time with people I love. Travelling in small groups are full of energy and fun, yet sometimes I like to travel solo. I can achieve a peace of mind, just me and nature.  I love being on the beach, mountain or at a fancy hotel. Being alone (ambivert here), is my happy place. A feeling of relaxation and happiness just consumes me.

We, the currently generations, should not forget why we studied for. To be able to earn and be as independent as possible from our parents. To be able to have what we want through our own hardships. Stay motivated and focus, and things will never go wrong.


With full of love,