Excited to become a home- based worker with the following reasons- to monitor my 8 month old baby, when my two grade school daughters ages 8 and 7 will come home from school, can prepare a cucumber salad for my husband’s lunch. Aside from that it’s so nice to think you can relax for a while in a sofa with your both legs lain on with a cup of coffee, and a glance over the television. When you’re going to roam in a small house but give comfort, nothing but a stress free life 😉

Here’s some perks of being “work at home” mom http://fortune.com/2015/02/05/work-at-home-mom/

And tricks to turn your  home into a home office http://www.parents.com/parenting/work/life-balance/work-at-home-mom-advice/

Advantages of being a working at home mom “WAHM” are less expenses than working outside, less make- up, not going to worry on being late when coming to the office especially so when commuting. It has found out in a study that children are more secure and behave when a mother is a stay at home compared to leave children with indifferent nanny or someone that will going to charged them off  when parent/ mother is not at home.

Being a mother, we are happy to be with our kids when we witnessing them their growing and we see changes each moment of their lives. Also being a “wahm” can attend to kids their needs in school, can be present during school recognition, and other school activities.

In a corporate job its normal some co- workers are hard to deal with. With work at home- Being your own boss, the ability to work with flexibility and freedom to set your own hours and availability.