Have you seen stray kittens on your way home or at any time while you are walking along the streets of your village? I bet you do! Not at all times, but how about if you are riding a car? I would say that it will be somewhat difficult, especially when you are in the backseat. Amazing, as it was during the time that my son was on his way home riding with his aunt and cousin on an evening of March 2014. He saw one, and was about to be hit by the car! Good thing he was looking out the window and saw something crawling at the front gate. Most likely the kitten was left behind by its mother while trying to evade the incoming vehicle.

I found out about this when I got home after doing my night shift from work and I was I so excited upon seeing the tiniest, frail kitten with his eyes still closed. Good thing it was my rest day and my son was off from school. We took alternates of feeding the kitten using a small syringe careful enough not to drown him, up until it could walk and drink milk on its own. Time flew fast that we didn’t even notice that the kitten is already running and playing with our pet dogs. Such a tiny, four-legged, male, gray colored, creature it was indeed, that grew up unexpectedly and raised by its human.

The kitten grew as it familiarizes the house, the driveway where our pet dogs are kept near the front door and as far as the whole stretch of our street in the village. He got himself, new friends, too – that is the same species as he was. He fought for his life fighting with other tomcats in the village to win his mate. Unfortunately, due to many fights that really made me cry, is upon seeing him coming home limping, with wounds all over his face and a swollen left eye. I even tried cleaning his wounds. In the end, he lost his left eye.

My son and I feared of him losing his other eye since he gets out of the house in the evening and comes back before noon. Wondering how can he find his way home with him being blind. We were also careful in guiding the way to his bowl to feed himself and drink water. Up until he got used to the routine of where to feed himself and his usual place where he takes his naps. With his wounds drying up as well, it was the only time that I got myself relieved.

Then after a few months, a new white kitten was given to us by our Mom. An addition to the household pets that we have. It made us really happy when she was introduced to Mingay and both of them started playing as if they knew each other all along.

Now, Mingay is playing with three white kittens brought about by Miming. Nope, he is not the father of these kittens, but of the neighborhood’s pet, but Mingay treats them as his own. He also shares with them the bowl of milk that I make on a daily basis.

Love for animals can’t be measured by mere taking them as your pets, or by feeding them. In our case, they are loved unconditionally, treated as a family member and a friend. They make us happy with their own small ways.

If you find a stray kitten will you keep it?