That Perfect Mom

If you’re thinking on what’s best for your child, then you’re perfect..

Being a mom made me realized that there’s no such thing as an ideal mother. All moms are different in a very unique imperfect ways. Mom flaws are natural, believe me. Letting your kids play all they long with dirt and stains on their shirts, it’s normal. Freaking out, blowing & screaming up like crazy on a tantrum tempered toddler, it’s normal. I’m not saying it’s right but mistakes are normal. If you made mistakes from the past and currently making mistakes everyday, believe me its normal. Nobody will help you stand still in front of your kids but you. Some moms tend to instruct us on how we will discipline our kids or how are we on our house chores but if we all just ignore them and do what we think whats right for our kids and stand proud on how you raise your children as long as you’re doing it with all your love and you’re giving them the happiness that they need whenever, wherever, that’s what you call motherhood. Stop thinking on what others have to say. We all know how much we love our kids and our kids believe that you are the only ideal mother for them. So stop worrying and thank God for the little angels that you have and  for bringing them here in this imperfect world full of challenges with you. Believe me, your journey as a mother will never end.