To ensure high quality of products, here are some baking tips that I would like to share to you:
  • MEASUREMENT – Measure all the ingredients properly. This will not just affect the taste of the product but, it will also affect the texture. If the recipe needs leveled and flour, do not ignore it, do as what is indicated in the recipe. 
  • TEMPERATURE –  Make sure that you are using ingredients at room temperature. You do not want to cream your butter while its cold because it will take too long and also, you do not want to break your mixer by doing that. Also, make sure that you are using the right oven temperature because you do not want to serve a burnt or under baked product.
  • TIME – Do not rush. Take your time in each process.
  • METHOD – Always follow the proper procedure. If the recipe calls for a creaming method, then do creaming method. This will make sure hat the finish product has its proper texture.
  • GREASE, LINE, OR FLOUR – Do not forget to grease, line, or flour your pan to ensure that the product will not stick upon removing in the pan.
  • INGREDIENTS – Choose the right ingredient. Do not SUBSTITUTE unless you know how.

And lastly, bake with LOVE and SMILE. Happy baking everyone!!!