Negative people are really not hard to come by.  You will meet them on the workplace, hear them on the bus, on the company’s cafeteria and have seen some of their behaviors on the street.  Opposing their undesirable aura can really be draining and challenging.  On the other hand, going along with them can also drown you with their negativity as well as your own.  So, how do you survive such poisonous species?

  1. Know yourself.

Each and every one of us has its own personality. Each personality has its strengths and weaknesses, positivities and negativities. Yes, you have your negative self as well.  The basic concept in Chinese philosophy – the Yin and Yang principle – which states that “all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites” applies to all.  In simple words, all things have two sides – the good and the bad – they are inseparable and contradictory opposites. So, you have your positive self and negative self.  By being aware of this negative self, you can limit your negative thinking towards yourself and others which can be less attractive to the negative person to sit and talk to you with their destructive opinions.

  1. Set boundaries.

Setting boundaries won’t be difficult if setting limit to your negative self has been strongly established.  But, if it is the other way around, you have to set boundaries.  Disengage whenever they want to sit with you. If it is necessary to be around with a negative person, keep the conversation short.  If there’s confrontation between you and the negative person, choose your battles by controlling your emotions, take the high road and walk away.  You will be highly regarded for such behavior.

  1. Develop a support system.

Associate with friends, acquaintances and family members with positive outlook in life.  Connect with someone who is objective enough when you are nearly emotional and subjective. Through linking yourself with these kinds of people, you will develop the ability to exemplify yourself with positivity.