Road Sniper Pampanga: We’re friends, we’re family, we’re Riders”We ride Together as One!”

Road Sniper Pampanga: “We Ride Together as One”This is a group composed of motorcycle riders from Camachiles, Mabalacat, Pampanga. The group is generated around January 2012, with 15 active members, a combination of friends and relatives.

The first ride we’ve done is the Road trip to Bokod, Benguet via Baguio. Bokod, Benguet is 47 km away from Baguio. The ride is tiring but it’s worth because of the view. And the bonding that we experience.

We travel not only because we like to, we much appreciated the friendship bonding, the value of being a rider, who respected the law of the road, the thrill of being a rider, the respect we get and give in our co-riders.


Our second ride is in Baler in the Province of Quezon. Followed by Pagudpud ride in the Province of Ilocos.  Even-though I’m not present on this ride because of some family matters. I feel like I’m with them, thanks’ to Facebook.
Riding a motorcycle is a lot of risk, even it’s a long ride or a simple City ride, that’s why we forced our self to complete our riding safety gears. From reflective vest, to different safety gears, not only for our safety, but also to become a role model for other riders in our community.

Our Ride last Jan 27 targeted Sagada, Mt. Province. The view is fantastic not only Sagada itself, but also all the places of Benguet and Mt. Province, the weather is cold and the people are so warm and hospitable. As we ride, we don’t only think the safety of ourselves, but also the safety of our Co leagues and the safety of all road users.   


We build this Group not only to travel in different places, or because we love motorcycles, we also have a Mission and Vision.  A Group that helps less fortunate indigenous people in some remote area in Pampanga. Giving blood donations in some organizations and etc. And to be an Inspiration to others.

Being a good & responsible person does not mean, you need to become a rider, or member of an organization or a group to help others. Helping can do with an individual. Helping is not a duty, is a responsibility of every one of us. For us, a little help can make a big difference, because no Big doesn’t start with a little.
One day when we met on Cross Road. Just “Ride Safe!”