It is very rare for me to go to a movie house and watch a film because it’s just a waste of time and money since nowadays it will cost you much for one movie. But something happened and I get stressed out so I decided to watch a film because they say that I will forget the things that bother me temporarily. Since I really love the Greek Mythology I watched the “Gods of Egypt”
At first, I get mesmerized on the special effects but as it progresses I found out that the movie is not as good as it can be. If Gods of Egypt had been set against a mystical backdrop not based in reality, it might have been easier to forgive the fact that its gods are essentially Iron Man mixed with Power Rangers. Or that it never works exceptionally well for these gods to just be enlarged versions of humans.  But because the movie is based on a real mythology of a real, living group of people, it’s hard not to get frustrated with these characterizations that constantly beg for comparisons with the real thing.
So for me, i will rate it 5 over 10 but then it still depends on who will review it Just don’t get your hopes up for anything quality going in.