President Duterte cheers for Senator Pacquiao.

Check out how President Duterte looked 15 years ago in this video.

So he was already a Pacquiao fan back then and he obviously looked younger.

And Pacquiao too.

And all the other government officials.  

Though I only recognize Zubiri.  

People of Davao may have already been used to how Mr. Duterte looked like.

But for me and the others who’s not from Davao may find this video a little amusing.

With Mr. Duterte’s stance here (gum-chewing, partly unbuttoned shirt and all that), who would have thought that after about 15 years, he soon would become the Philippines’ next president!

Same thoughts too as with Pacquiao who went on becoming a Senator at this same time as Mr. Duterte is president.

Pacquiao was a little odd-looking here with that hair color but he was so fast and so bursting with energy!

And made that knockout win in the first round!

Man, I enjoyed it.

I hope you enjoyed it too.  🙂