How to pass all the quiz at Work from Home Roadmap Courses

How to pass the all the quiz at WFHR? Did you hear and watch the lessons clearly? How well you are prepared to pass and finish the course. Here’s how:

I am a new student of VA boot camp who is struggling to finish every lessons and quiz. For a career mother like me who have a tight schedule. It doesn’t stop me to finish this roadmap course. And mind you it was a chaos to me that in the first quiz, I lost count how I get a low score and not hitting the 100%. It was so frustrating but it helps me to recover in the second test. Let’s do this way and relate it to a life scenario.

  1. You are a problem solver. Nailed it!

I was frustrated when I start to take the exam. At first, I need a help as for why I was not able to get the badges when I’m already at the lesson three. Think, read threads and I find a way to get it. When I’m about to give up I call a friend from the group. Thanks for Jason’s admin who patiently crop and paste in the instructions in the thread. Being approachable is one way to attract clients and acts of customer satisfaction.

  1. Use your strategic skills

The quizzes have no limits; you can take as much as you can. Like ups and downs in life. You will never give up until you know how things work out. Because you have the confident that you can do it no matter it takes. Make a strategy on how to get the correct answers and find the wrong one based on what you feel you’re right. Then click complete quiz. It’s like you have a new job and doing trial and error on your task until you make things perfectly.

  1. Take down notes.

According to a strategist “the weakest ink is stronger than the strongest memory”. Make it a habit of taking note those correct until you perfectly get the scores out of ten. Do remember you always use the keyboard on your desktop; try to do some finger stretching to avoid hand sprains. Wait! It also a practice of taking notes when you’re having a client conversation and you has to get instructions. On a dictation way, useful right!

  1. Read carefully.

The questions are a bit tricky. Resetting the quiz make the choices jumbled. It’s like giving instructions from our client. No matter how critical the task you have. You can still cope and consistently do the job whatever it takes. Read carefully and see what the best answer is. You can read back the lessons until you find the correct one.

  1. Double Check.

It is a way of accuracy to find the best answer and get 100% score. It’s a good practice while you’ll learning. The client has no time to check your work, but I mean nobody’s perfect. Things you consistently do can make perfect or correct as it is. Furthermore, it’s also a way to look forward to the next level of challenge. It is also a way of checking your strength and skills.

Was it helpful? Does every quiz relate to your daily living to get every item answered correctly? How does it feel when you see the 100% pass. People with determination are worth taking hundreds of failures, then finding solutions through spoon-feeding. It is an achievement to be able to pass the test and able to go to the next lesson. Make sure you collect your badges from your email to Credly.

Congrats in advance.

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Your Resilient Virtual Ally – Cecilia