Parenting Toddlers

“Happily ever after” is always the ending of every fairy tale stories. The prince and princess are truly enamored with each other and at the end of the story they end up tying the knot. It is also the case in real life where couples get married. Some choose to immediately have a baby while others enjoy each other’s company first before moving to another chapter of their married life. But once they have a baby, the happily ever after starts to get blurry. Sure thing, babies are undeniably adorable, but the responsibilities that come with it are so unlike the fairy tales.

Parenthood starts from, of course, having a baby. The challenges begin with the many sleepless nights from having to feed your newborn baby every 2 hours, and changing his diaper, and then having a light sleep because you’re subconsciously aware that she might be cold or hot or a bug might be near him or any thing that can make a parent go crazy because she/he’s just worried for no apparent reason, and this is normal for every new parents. But no offense to men, but these sacrifices are experienced more by the mom, and as time goes by when the baby starts to grow and become a toddler that is when the dad enters into the picture because he can discipline or spoil a child.

Raising a kid is the most difficult job in the whole world and the most crucial part of a persons character is developed during his formative years which is from 0-5 yrs. old. During these years, basic learning and development occurs. If something goes wrong during these developmental stages, the child will carry this with him as he grows up. Physical and motor development also occurs at this stage, that is why it is important to allow children to explore his senses through his surroundings. Make children happy because children learn best when they are having fun. Be mindful of the things that they have an interest on for this might be the area that they will be good at in the future. For instance, a child is very fond of animals. I know that a number of children most especially boys  are really fond of animals such as dinosaurs. But if parents support what they like, as long as it is good for them and will not pose any danger then it is safe to encourage them even more, but not to the point of forcing them to go beyond their passion. Parents are there to guide and support their children and not to force them. Allow children to have a play time with other kids. This will develop their social skills and their attitude towards others, and they will also learn how to interact with one another. In situations like this, parents will realize if their child is an introvert or an extrovert. Some are shy, some are inclined to be social butterfly, some exudes leadership quality, some are followers. Whatever the child’s personality is, parents must respect that and not force them into being someone they want them to be. Constant hugs and kisses are very vital in raising children. This promotes love and care to them, even if it is not accompanied by words. Just a mere touch brings a lot of signals to the child and it fosters profound and sound emotions until their adult life.








However, parents are still humans and are capable of getting angry especially when they can’t seem to control their toddler’s whining. Parents need to know the causes of their child’s whining. He might be hungry, thirsty, or needs a change of diaper, or he is sleepy and bored. These are just some of the factors that causes a child’s cranky behavior, and parents must be aware of that to understand their child. But it is a different story when a child misbehaves just to get what he wants. It is not easy to control a persons temper most especially if the parent is tired from work or with all the household chores or from having lack of sleep. It is normal for any parent to get mad, but get mad at the child’s behavior and not to the child himself because the child is not yet mentally and emotionally matured to know what is right from wrong. Taking a deep breath helps. It clears your mind, it diminishes your temper, it calms you even just a bit and prevents you from spanking your child and shouting and saying mean words or calling your child names such as “bad” or “salbahe“. You can do a “time-out” for your misbehaving child. This is to isolate him from the situation where he misbehaved. Let him  stand in a corner for minutes based on his age. If he is 3 years old, give him a 3-minute time out. If he is 4 years old, give him a 4-minute time out. After his time-out, parents must explain to the child why he was scolded and put on a time-out, and then give him a warm embrace and sweet kisses.

It is also very important for parents to set a good example to their youngsters. Children copy how their parents behave and they also copy what they hear. Being a parent should make you a good person because you are the role model of your children. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it, and be mindful of what you do. Toddlers also see how their parents treat each other and this also plays a vital role in his emotional development. Parents should walk the talk. If you want your child to be tidy, show him how to pack away his toys after playing. If you want your child to be helpful and generous, you should show him that you donate to church or to the poor. Be the person you want your child to be.

As parents, conscious effort of guiding toddlers to become emotionally stable children is commendable. It is not easy to be a parent. It is not easy to be patient, understanding, and cool all the time. That is why it is important for couples to be matured first before deciding to become parents because raising a kid is not easy. It is difficult, it is life-changing, it is challenging, it is sometimes mind-blowing and sometimes it will make you crazy. But if done with the right mindset, with the right attitude and at the right time, you will be able to raise a human being capable of love and respect and an asset to the society, then it is no longer a crazy thing, it is rewarding.