One great thing about living in an archipelago, like the Philippines, is that one has endless options of beaches to choose from. From powdery white beaches to ashen grey sandy beaches to pink coralline beaches, name it – we have it! Pangasinan, a province in Northwestern Luzon, is particularly gifted with a variety of beaches. Well there is the famed Hundred Islands of Alaminos, Patar Beach in Bolinao, and the off-beaten beaches of Burgos and Dasol. And just when you thought these are just the ones you can go for a summer escapade. Didn’t you know that off the coastline of seaside towns Sual and Labrador are islands you can explore?

Come and discover exciting diverse images that have made Pangasinan one of most country’s top provinces in productivity and burgeoning center for tourism and investments. Pangasinan is located on the west central area of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. It is bordered by La Union to the north, Benguet and Nueva Vizcaya to the northeast, Nueva Ecija to the southeast, and Zambales and Tarlac to the south. To the west of Pangasinan is the South China Sea. The province also encloses the Lingayen Gulf. The province has a land area of . It is 170 km north of Manila, 50 km south of Baguio City, 115 km north of Subic International Airport and Seaport, and 80 km2 north of Clark International Airport. At the coast of Alaminos, the Hundred islands have become a famous tourist spot.

Curious about where to go in Pangasinan? Here’s a quick guide for that:

  • 1. Hundred Island National Park


The tourist destination got its name from the number of islands, totaling to 124 during low tide. To get here, you have to travel to the ports and ride a boat for up to 45 minutes at most. You may also talk to the boat driver so you could also go island hopping while on the way to one of the islets. There are very few islands which have been developed for tourism, and the rest, such as the islet with a rock formation resembling the Virgin Mary, are being protected by the local government.

2.  Lingayen Beach

We all know how the Philippines is studded with the finest beaches, and this stunner definitely brings something new to the table. Lingayen Beach has powdery sand enough to make athletes run barefoot, yogis perform their thing and kids build artsy sandcastles. One word: refreshing.

3. Bolinao Falls

Along the dense forests of Bolinao lies a majestic waterfalls complete with emerald green waters and refreshingly cool waters everyone should bathe in. It’s definitely the best stop after hours of an exhilarating trek.

4.Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse is a tall structure erected sometime during the American settlement of the country. It is second to the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse of Laoag in terms of height. You would not want to miss that splendid 360-degree view of the South China Sea from the top.

5. Enchanted cave in Bolinao

Pangasinan also have some spelunking adventure for you in the form of this secret gem called the Wonderful Cave. Retreat from the summer heat in the cave’s clean and cool mineral water.

6.Mount Balungao

Standing at 383 metres high is this inactive volcano called grand Mount Balungao. Nature trippers wouldn’t want to miss the challenging trail and the ethereal springs, both in hot and cold.

7.Cabongaoan Beach in Burgos

If you prefer a more calm vacation on the beach, then Cabongaoan Beach should be on the top of your list. It’s’ relatively less developed compared to most beaches in Pangasinan, and the ride from the town proper to here isn’t short. Still, once you get here, it will be all worth it. Its white sand and long shores make it the perfect beach for snorkeling, jogging, or just, unwinding.

8. Sabangan Beach in Agno-Umbrella Rocks

If you prefer spending your vacation underwater rather than under the sun, then Sabangan Beach is the place to go. This place is known for having a diversified marine life, and its famous Umbrella Rocks—geological formations that resemble giant mushrooms, or rounded umbrellas. Whether you’ll go snorkeling or just wading, you’ll come to appreciate nature in Sabangan Beach.

 9. Surip Beach 

One of the beaches you shouldn’t miss while beach hopping in Pangasinan is Surip Beach. While most beaches would only allow swimming, this beach would persuade you to go fishing as well! Its waters are also clear, so you may also go snorkeling while you’re here.

10. Cabalatian Beach and Falls

From among these island, Cabalitian Island is a potential eco-tourism site. The island is 4.5 kilometers off the coast of Sual – a fishing town that is about an hour away from Dagupan City.  A 30-minute boat ride from the Sual town proper will take you to this lush island surrounded by cerulean water. Cabalitian has a characteristic gritty light brown sand beach and clear water ideal for swimming.  At one end, scenic rock formations and caves can be found.

Pangasinan is one of the country’s most prized regions as it is a host of pleasurable attractions. Diversity is perhaps its allure, launching hordes of both local and international tourists on an annual basis. It boasts of picturesque landscapes, natural wonders, interesting culture, sumptuous dishes and warm people. Pangasinan is indeed a delightful mix of history, beauty and innovation.

To write about Pangasinan in a few words is definitely an understatement. No amount of words can fully grasp the sheer beauty that Pangasinan has to offer. So, see for yourself and experience these travel-worthy attractions. You know, it’s more fun in Pangasinan!