Online Freelance jobs are becoming more popular in the Philippines nowadays. It attracted a lot of Filipinos from -different age, background, gender, and status including stay-at-home Moms. I have worked in a corporate world and decided to quit my job to spend quality time raising a toddler. The “I wanted to be the one to have the challenges and joys of motherhood” always hit me and so I gave in. Choosing between family and career was overwhelming but the family will always be my top priority.

As a stay-at-home Mom, I still wanted to contribute in all aspects including financial aspect. And so, I started checking out work from home jobs and opportunities like Online Freelancing. To my interest, I have joined Facebook groups, tried free and paid online courses to educate myself about stuff related to Freelancing. I have learned that an Online Freelancer can work as a writer, graphic artist, data encoder, transcriptionist, content marketer, online English teacher, virtual assistant and a lot more.

I found several reasons why Online Freelancing can be a great option for a stay-at-home mom like me. Moms can work at a flexible time, choose a workload as little or as much as they can. Can now say goodbye to road traffic, no more dress code. And the best part is Moms can get to see kids and loved ones anytime.

For Newbie Moms, most of us don’t know how or where to start. First, aside from stable internet and computer/laptop and backups, we must equip ourselves with the basics such as good English communication and basic computer skills. We need to have a clear perspective of what we want to do and need to identify where are we good at. Find a niche where we know what services can we offer or provide.

We should also create a list of our emotional WHY’s to motivate us and to pursue Online Freelance career. We can join support/community groups, read threads or reviews with experienced Freelancers. And always learn new skill sets and enhance current skills to be competitive. Good luck to our journey towards working from home.

Hope this video link can help readers to start…