Mindoro Airport of Vigan City is a community airport intended to serve the whole province of Ilocos Sur. InterIsland Airline and Sea Air used to fly there from Manila but the operation of the route was cancelled due to low traffic. To date, the airport serves only chartered flights.

How to Get to Ilocos Sur

The nearest airport with regular commercial flights is Laoag Airport in Ilocos Norte. Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Zest Airways and AirPhil Express fly to Laoag daily from Manila, travel time is an hour. Flights are usually at night, so better make the necessary adjustments on your itinerary. Manila-Laoag tickets start at PhP1317 depending on the availability of seats and date of booking. Here are the flight schedules of Cebu Pacific and AirPhil Express:

Cebu Pacific Air

M/Th         9:25 PM
T/Sat        12:25 PM
W/F/Su       7:05 PM

Airphil Express

M/T/Sat       9:40 AM
T/Th/Sat/Su   7:00 PM
W/F/Su       4:30 PM

There will be tricycles available at Laoag Airport when your flight lands. Take a trike to the main road and get off at Robinsons where you can pick up a local bus heading for Vigan.


From Manila, the usual way on how to get to Ilocos Sur (Vigan) is by taking a bus with a travel time of 8-10 hours. Most tourists take the night trip to sleep off the long ride and arrive at the city early the next morning.

Bus lines going directly and passing by Vigan City from Metro Manila are found in Cubao, Pasay City and Manila. Aircon trips are available every day and ticket fares are pegged at Php 600.

Dominion Lines  Manila (02) 741-4146 | Cubao (02) 727 2350 | Direct
Fariñas  Manila (02) 731-4507 | Pass-By
GV Florida  Manila (02) 781-5849 | Pass-By
Maria de Leon  Manila (0916) 717-2545 & (0909) 344-9661 | Pass-By
Partas  Manila (02) 743-3242 |Pasay (02) 852-8194 | Cubao (02) 727-8275 |  Direct
RCJ Bus Lines  Manila (02) 741-2994 | Pass-By
Viron Transit  Manila (02) 741-6588 & (02) 731-8620 & (02) 726-7409 | Direct

Also, there are aircon and ordinary buses that regularly ply the Baguio-Vigan route. Travel time is about 3-5 hours, depending on your departure time. Fare is pegged around Php 360.