My 7 Magic Words

” I Can What I Will To Be”

This 7 simple words had been my every morning utter upon waking up since I started my journey to weight loss. And since then I feel I have the power to do anything I want to be and to do.

According to Remez Sasson, the founder of Success Conciousness, The Mind plays an important role on achieving every success and goals, minor, everyday goals or major goals…Your thoughts, which are part of your mind, possess power. The Thoughts that you most often think tend to come true.”

It all started when I have reach the point that I wanted to lose weight since I had reached 70 kilos at my height of 4’10”. Although it started with a lame excuse that I find it so hard to look for clothes that I am comfortable with the style and fit but I had the drive to make some changes in my life though until now I could not figure out where it came from. On my first day of weight loss journey those words just came out of my mouth then I remembered I read those words in a book I have not finished reading  by the way and its like 2 years ago called ” Think and Grow Rich” and since then it was like my daily prayer. I thought the journey would not to be easy as I always hear and read and especially with all the temptation around like fast food chains everywhere I look and some of the people around me just do not care of the food they intake. But as the days pass those temptations where like invisible to me. Whenever someone invited me to a gathering or a party, I had the ability to resist eating all that is not included in my meal plan. I did not feel I was struggling. Looking back at it, I feel amazing how I surpassed all the Lechon (Grilled Whole Pig).

It came in handy that I read a lot that since I started my journey to weight loss I often read posts and blogs about it and by just combining all the information I slowly lost pounds per week. I have learned several exercises position to target specific body parts, I have tried yoga, I followed videos of hip hop dance workout and I have been counting my calorie intake everyday. Every week as I slowly losing weight I was gaining confidence and will power. Every time a hint of doubt comes into my mind that is if can I really accomplish my ideal weight for my height which if 45 kilos I quickly utter my 7 magic words. And so in 4 months I have lost 15 kilos. Although I haven’t reach my goal for my ideal weight but I will not stop until I will accomplish that because I strongly think and feel I can anything that I put my mind into and since then I have gained more self confidence than ever and total mind power.

Mind Power is directing your thoughts towards a desired outcome. Focus on success and you attract success. Focus on fear and failure and you attract failure. Mind Power is understanding these principles and making our thoughts work for us. Your thoughts are the primary creative forces in your life. Use them consciously and you will awaken to a whole new life of power and opportunity.” – John Koheo