Men’s Fashion

The Taste for colours of summer

During the height of the sunny season, when the warmer temperatures and longer days seem to put a smile on everyone’s faces, dressing in a comfortable yet stylish way can be tricky. If that’s tricky enough, how about matching the colours?

For Spring/Summer 2017, the forecasted dominant colour palettes has renewed focus on reworked tradition, luxe leisure and fresh journeys to old places. A long time ago, guys would  wear tank tops or even strip their tops and show their pecs to the world. Well, gone are those days as men today are also in with the fashion.

Is it maybe because of the heat wave, or I do find men generally having such a hard time choosing seasonal colours that go with their style? Or, maybe because men don’t care about the way they dress. Whatever the reason may be, read up and find out which colours are in style this summer, and which hues that may work with your complexion.

So, which shades can help spruce up your wardrobe this summer?


Brights Palette

Soft tinted pales

These colours are commonly known as pastels, which will provide a soothing yet subtle look. Hues like these can easily be matched with most neutral colours, should you be wearing a second shirt on top of it, of course.

Pastels are great on people with warm complexion; as men with olive-toned skins, or tanned, suits a much wider spectrum of colours. Since pastels are described as washed or lack chromatic content, these hues are soft such as light pink, baby blue, lavender, lilac, and mauve.

However, do avoid wearing any colours that are too close to your skin tone. Tanned skin will likely have yellow or green undertones, so colours like mustard, pistachio, light olive, and mocha brown are no-go. What you’re trying to avoid here is ending up looking nude – having your skin tone blend with colour. So with that if you’re pale, it would be wise to avoid pastels that may blend to your skin complexion. Pastel also works great on guys with dark skin complexion – the contrast is savoury.


Wild colours

Colors, colors, and more colors. Summer is all about distinctive hues, you may want to show off tops in bright happy colours such as ivory, lavender, lilac, lemon yellow, mint green, light blue, and coral pink. Then again, wild colours are not for everyone’s taste and style. Be sure that you feel comfortable wearing them before buying.

“The main worry for most guys is that they could look effeminate,”

“But no colour is off limits. It’s just the way you style it and the confidence with which you pull it off.”

Speaking of coral pinks, this rosy tinge, which most men call ‘salmon’, is most of the time tucked in a drawer, which is a shame. Because deployed properly, pink is personality. Picking the right hue of pink that suits your skin tone is a statement that flatters. After all, real men wear pink.

Bright hues call attention to relaxing silhouettes, details and trimming. Among many of the choices, blue and green grab the most attentions.



Neutral colours

Darker colours like black, grey, brown and beige will work well with men who have pale skin and light features as these shades clearly contrast with your skin tone – quite literally – bring some colour to your complexion. Added to work with your tone are charcoal, mocha, khaki, camel, taupe, army, tan, sand, slate grey, and olive. Basically these colours have darker shades.

Colours to avoid are white, ivory, cream, and stone. Given that, depending on the lighting, you could be mistaken for a cadaver, lucky for you if you would look like Edward Collins from Twilight. However, it’s a common practice for some to base their outfit around dark colours, which you can combine with lighter colours.

“This doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself through colour. It just means you have to mix light colours with dark ones.”

If you’re a guy with tanned skin, then you may opt for the lighter neutrals, instead of the pastels. However, both are good. I you have dark skin, then rest assured that your skin can marry a vast majority of hues and shades. A word of advice though, to avoid brown colours, as this may result in your look bleeding into your skin.





The name says it all. If pastels are the highlights and the neutrals are the shadows, mid-tones are basically the shades in between those two. Think it this way, these are crisped pastels – more content yet not to bright. These are taupe-based neutrals – softer and more comfortable to look at. Most mid-tone colours are a mix of light grey.


Final word

Choosing your colours are like a kaleidoscopic spectrum of shades on the rack, and it’s not exactly rocket science either, but simply means matching the hues to your skin tone. However, to a lot, it’s a personal preference. You may try something on and sizing it up in a changing room mirror as a gauge. It’s also nice to take note of the colours you’re wearing when someone pays you a compliment on how it looks on you.

Any advice to share on dressing stylishly on summer?