Living Tiny! Dreaming Big!

I came here in United Arab Emirates because of financial crisis brought about by wrong decisions in the past. I practically lost everything including my savings for retirement and for my daughter’s car on her debut. Everything! (That was 2 years ago. Now she is 15. So I still have more than 2 years to save for her big day! ) Not only that, I’m still paying some debts. Thanks God, I’m consistently paying off each monthly amortization, which means the outstanding balance is consistently going to the left side of the number line.

While here, I live a simple life. I only have what I need. With only 1 plate, 1 bowl, 2 mugs, 1 glass, 1 pot to cook, 1 ladle and 2 sets of spoon and fork and 2 dessert spoons which I also use for tea and coffee, my kitchen fits in a shopping bag! Luckily, the villa owner provided refrigerator, microwave oven, rice cooker and stove! Bedding, clothes, shoes and bag, I only have either 3 or 4, very far from my life before.

But I am not sad. I am actually happy and amazed of who I am now. Living with less is living big! I don’t know exactly what I was looking for, until I stumble in YouTube about this thing! That’s when I started to get obsessed with the Tiny House!

Partly because of this obsession, I am studying and working hard to becoming a Virtual Assistant so I can go home and be with my family in our tiny house and live “everywhere” and “anywhere”. For as long as there’s an internet connection, I can make a living while enjoying life and the outdoors with my loved-ones!

Researched, watched videos, attempted to design one using Styrofoam, I learned some of the advantages in living in a Tiny House. Here’s some:


You can bring your house wherever you go! No need to pack luggage or book for a hotel room on vacation or weekends. Just hook into your car and you can go to your next location. 


Tiny house means less building materials needed means less money needed to build. No need to spend all your savings or apply for loan and be burdened for the next 25 or so years. There are actually designs on sale online for you to do yourself if you have the time and the ability. 

Open for relocation

Children going to college in the city? Or getting a good opportunity somewhere? Or want to retire or live near the beach for a year?  You’re not left without a choice! If you want, you can buy or even rent a small lot, hook your house to your car and drive to your next destination in your own, same abode. You can enjoy the outdoors and the new scenery in your own house!

Energy efficiency

Tiny house means little requirement for light, small appliance like air conditioner, cleaning and maintenance means little electricity needed.  Solar energy or hooked in a power line, whichever you use, it still requires little energy.

Loving the Earth tenderly

First and foremost, few materials needed than the “normal” house because of its size. You can use recycled, up-cycled or salvaged materials. It will make your house personalized and special!

Freedom of Detachment or Letting go of Attachment

This, for me, is making use of those things that help me bring closer to God and leaving aside those things that don’t.

This is the chance to examine yourself and look at the belongings that really matters to you. In today’s culture, we call it DE-clutter. (I tried this. Remember my kitchen fits in a shopping bag!)

Low maintenance

Tiny House needs few curtains, rugs and the like than the normal house. It also needs few decorations. Even changing flooring or repainting regularly, it still needs less materials and manpower.

Less time on cleaning means more time with loved-ones and you passion

Cleaning or sweeping or dusting will only take few minutes to do. It means more time to play with your children or watch TV with them or cuddle with your spouse or just do your passion!

Easy to remain tidy

Obviously, because you only have few things in your tiny house so it’s easy to remain tidy. You cannot just ignore a dirty shirt on the floor or a cable on the sofa. Each item should have its own place.