Life. Most of us knew or being taught that we have it for a reason. Most of us defines it as a gift from God. It is a sacred possession provided by a supernatural being. We are free to believe what we want to believe. But, sometimes, not all of us believe the same way.

I created this post not to debunk all of those who believed that life was given by divine being. But just to open up that there are someone who doesn’t believe most of humanity’s belief. And that includes me.

Let me get started. In Mesozoic Era where the Dinosaurs lived, their lifespan would reached 100 years or more and their existence lasted for 180 million years ago. We were not taught why they’ve existed. What is the purpose of the deity who made their existence and took millions of millions of years to decide to wipe them out of the planet? Is it possible that we can also live that long on this planet? Or is there an another way to live life beyond this world? Or is it possible that there is already life beyond our Awareness?

         Life will never exist without the Big Bang. Yes that’s right! Our universe were being created by a ball of fire that blasted 13.7 billion years ago as what theory suggest. I just hope you remember the astronomy that was taught in grade school. Well, on that event, debris of the Big Bang created an estimated 100 (100,000,000,000) billion galaxies. Most galaxies estimated to have 1-10 (10,000,000,000,000) trillions of stars. Our Milky Way galaxy possibly only has 100-400 billion stars since this is a tiny galaxy compare to one of the most popular galaxy named Andromeda. And we only have one Star and we called it as Sun. Hope that you’re not looking it only as numbers.

  Stars has planets on it. Depending on its masses, It can pull the nearest astronomical bodies around it using its gravity. Earth is the biggest example on it where we lived in. Well, this is just a brief explanation how everything existed including Life.

            We lived in dust. Yes Dust. We were just in a place where the smallest-of-small existed,- A cup of water on an ocean,- A sand inside a boots on a desert, and a drop of water from the storm. There is no life on Earth if we are the one’s looking from far away. All we can see is a planet that was hit by the light.

    Earth exist 6.4 billion years old. But some galaxies already has planets existed same as its galaxy being born at the same time. If there is life out there that is intelligent, what do you think they have? What technology they possessed? What living do they have? Do they believed of something or someone? If so, Are they still waiting for a divine to come? Have they colonized distant stars? These are just few of so many questions that comes in mind.

I believe that the existence of life has a purpose but this is not given by someone – someone that is divine. I believe that the existence of humanity will reach more than that of the existence of dinosaurs. So, I could say that we’ve only just begun. Our evolution or creation was only created 200 (200,000) thousand years ago. Our civilization was only started 6,000 years ago. Our technology or industrialization was only more than 200 years old,- but we already has a very good glimpse of “Quantum Mechanics“.

I believe that there is life out there who can harness the energy of their Sun. If we lived on this world fits for us and so, they also are. I can’t imagine what technology they possessed. I’ll be look insane if I’ll provide a thing that is not existing today – but for a fact that they are more intelligent than us for a million or a billion times for their longer existence, opens a tremendous possibility that they have an unimaginable technology.

I have a perception that this would definitely happened to mankind. A 200 year old technology took us to where we are today. If dinosaurs lived intelligently, then there is no mankind till this day. If us could reached 180 million years of existence, what is a thing that can hinders us to proceed and learn? Do you still believe that the people on that day will define Life how we define it today?