It has been 3 months since we’ve moved here and my journey of learning Ilonggo has commenced. Sharing with you some Ilonggo words that I find interesting. 🙂

BUKID – mountain/bundok (so di akma ang “sa bukid walang papel” here. Pwedeng may paper trees)

PATING – dove/kalapati (so pag nasa boat, don’t look down the sea, look up! And NO NEED TO PANIC!)

BOMBAY – onion/sibuyas (I know, di rin ako maka get over when I first learned about this word. Might need to exercise caution at times)

MANANG – equivalent to Ate. Ex Ate Maria = Manang Maria (completely not offensive even when used to address a young lady)

BULONG – medicine/gamot

BANGGA – road intersection