Kesong Puti ng Laguna

Have you ever been to Sta. Cruz Laguna ? Well, a lot of people are not aware  that the capital of Laguna is Sta. Cruz.  Almost all knew that the capital of this province is Calamba as the latter is more popular being the birthplace of our national hero Jose Rizal.

Sta. Cruz Laguna is a first class urban municipality characterized by fertile lands situated along the coastal plains of Laguna de Bay. As such, the main sources of livelihood come from fishing and agriculture industry.

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The town has no natural or man-made attraction, but it can boast of its original delicacies one of these is the original kesong puti (cottage cheese) which is a proud trademark of Sta. Cruz.

Photo grabbed from 6-22-11

And aside from our very own kesong puti (cottage cheese),  let me give you some foods and places where you can eat whether you are going to other neighboring towns or just want to stop by and have a food trip of your lifetime!

1  Bibingkang Itlog (“Bugok”)

A must try exotic food here in Sta. Cruz is the “Bugok”.  Bugok or bibingkang itlog is made from duck eggs combined with rotten duck eggs (abnoy na itlog) that makes its foul odor. Just like the Durian of Davao,  the smell is not appetizing but once you tasted it , you’ll never stop eating specially when served  with spicy vinegar.

Photo grabbed from 2012

2  Bella Patis Labo

Bella Patis Labo is a decade old product that originated from Sta. Cruz Laguna. This fish sauce is best served with calamansi and can be used as condiment for sinigang dishes , nilaga or steamed kangkong or kamote tops.

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3  Ted’s Kitchen

Ted’s kitchen was established by Salonga family about five years ago lead by Chef Day Salonga, Chef Mon Urbano and pastry Chef Gel Salonga.  The team did not only bring good food but also pride to Sta. Cruz being cited as one of the most visited and admired restaurant by backpackers, balikbayans and food bloggers.  The restaurant serve wide array of foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. They also have mouth watering cakes, appetizers and refreshments that anyone should not missed when they visit place. Best sellers include  Ted’s Angus burger, Malunggay pasta, Brazo de Mercedes, and their very own Kesong puti cheesecake.

Photo grabbed from Ted’s Kitchen FB page

Aurora’s  Kitchen

Another pride of Salonga family was born last year as inspired by their late lola Aurora. The Filipino inspired cuisine is located at their ancestral house  at the heart of Sta. Cruz Laguna.  What makes it different from other restaurants in the area are  the home cooked foods from their grandma’s recipe like Minanok (heart of banana cooked in burnt coconut cream) and Tinuto (minced shrimp and coconut meat wrapped in taro leaves with rich coconut cream sauce).  So for those craving for authentic home recipes,  a visit to this place is an unforgettable experience!

Photo grabbed from Dec 2016