Kanochi’s Kitchen, an Affordable Treat when in Elbi!

Have you ever been to Elbi?


Some of you might not know where Elbi is! Elbi is how we “locals” call Los Baños, it’s just music to  our ears. And yes, you’re right, it’s the Science-Nature town in Laguna where UPLB is and it’s the one famous for special buko pies and heart-shaped chocolate cakes. (Oh, I’m starting to feel hungry now.)


Speaking of food, six months ago, my husband and I decided to put up an eatery, which caters very affordable meals to hardworking employees of Robinsons Town Mall in Elbi, and nearby establishments. And can you guess what make the employees of Rob Elbi (probably 75% of them) come back everyday at our eatery? Aside from the free WiFi, the cable TV, the food being affordable, and well, my husband’s charisma (haha)?


Drum roll please!!!


It’s our best seller “Pork Sisig”. It’s really crispy, tasty, and what else can I say–uhhmmnn, delicious? (Oh well, I’m not really good at describing things).


So, if you’ll visit Elbi anytime soon or in the near future, please drop by at Kanochi’s Kitchen (yes, that’s the name of the eatery.) We are located along El Danda Street, near Robinson’s Elbi, Batong Malake, Los Baños, Laguna.


And this is the most important part of  this blog post— kindly like our page here! I’ll include it as part of my Upwork portfolio. Hope to get to the Social Media Management Course soon, so I can improve it.


Sorry, I’ve got no pictures right now. But I’ll update this post soon.