Is it easy?

Being a mother is a very challenging job. Lack of sleep, rest, time for yourself and other things that you need to sacrifice for your family. But taking care of your kids, seeing them grow and how they love you in return is the best reward anyone can get.

If being a mother alone is not easy, how about being a work at home mom(WAHM)?

Some people may think it is easy, I even read in some comment in an article that working from home is for the lazy. Any WAHM would raise an eyebrow with that comment. It is not easy as they think it is. It is surely challenging but fun.

Taking care of the kids, especially toddlers while doing some data entry. Doing the laundry while trying to think of what article to write. Preparing meals and doing some household chores in between tasks. These are only some of the challenges WAHMs experience every day.

Working at home also has a fair share of benefits. Like, higher salary, time freedom, free from the every day travel from home to office and most of all, spending more time with your family, taking care of your kids and being right there anytime they need you.


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