Entrusting your hard earned money in an Agribusiness with a Return of investment for 125% is a very good deal. But do you have any idea about the business? Does the company has a legal contract? or Did they include in the contract all of your concerns?

All of this questions in our head is making us crazy. And how can we assure or how can they assure you that they won’t run with your hard earned money?

We always have to do research about the product, the company, and the owner of it. Even the sales person you’re talking to, you have to do a detailed research.

I’ll give you one example here.

I didn’t say that you have to invest immediately to this Agribusiness. But I’m giving you an idea in one of the booming Agribusiness around the Philippines.


DV Boer Farm was founded and owned by Mr. Dex Villamin. He was ones an OFW working in Thailand as a chef. And dream to be an Entreprenuer and promote the agriculture in our fellow filipinos around the world.

It started with just one farm in Lian, Batangas. Now, the DV Boer farm has a 14 Sub-Farm nationwide.

The DV Boer Farm offers different program where you can invest your money and wait for the said pay out.  Programs that they offer are: PA-IWI PROGRAM, CATTLE AFFINUER, AND DAIRY CATTLE. 

I won’t discuss here all the detail about the programs, but I’ll explain to you how one of the program works.

The PA-IWI PROGRAM is for 30 Goats.

You will buy the 30 Female Goats, It’s either you’re the one who will take care of the Goats or they will take it care for you. They have a facility for the animals, they will provide a Veterinarian and all the vaccine thats needed. Below is the picture of the paying scheme under contract.


So, that’s one of the Agribusiness where you can invest your hard earned money.
For more information about DV boer or about their programs, you can ask DVbfsales Michelle. She’s my friend and one of the trusted sales person of the said farm.

Before I end this post, I want to remind you all that investments is a one way to have a passive income. And every investment you should think, research, and study.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” -Warren Buffet