I was caught!

Thank you for taking time to read my post and yes, I mean it, I was caught by a Fisher of Men.

All through my life, I really did not like going to church. When I was young I was there because mainly I did not have any say about it. But when I got older, I stopped going. But wait, before you make any judgements, let me say why I stopped. Its because I have not felt His presence in there, hence my actions. But I did not stopped praying, although usually because I have no one else to turn to or I cannot do something about my situation or was in need.

But all of this changed beginning in the last quarter of 2016. Again, I’m in a situation where I can barely do anything. So I called unto His Name. And I¬†prayed for a solution for my issues¬†. And I prayed for a solution, any solution. But still that solution did not come. And then, I began a journey of faith; I began reading the bible, began reading devotionals everyday and finally listening to a preacher. Yes, I began going back to church and felt more secured than I have ever been.



What I discovered in pursuing a relationship with God is that He will take care of me/us, our needs and even the needs of our family will be met and will be in abundance through His grace. That even when He is silent and seem not responding to our prayers, He is at work turning our prayers into reality. All we need is to be faithful, patient and a follower of Him and His Words as well. Let me set your expectation that it will be hard if you do not fully submit to Him, to gradually abandon your earthly desire and seek His Kingdom.

Prayer is the way to communicate with God. Pray as if you’re talking to a really close friend, remember that He Knows what is going on in our lives and He just needs that invitation to be let in to our hearts and our lives; and most importantly pray in Jesus’ name. I remember praying so hard for many things and I realized that He knows what I need but did I have the patience and right attitude? So I began praying for them instead. I also did not have any idea what His plans are for me and why I arrived at this point in my life. So, I prayed for understanding and wisdom. I may have an inkling of what His plans are for my life, still I continue to pray.

Today, I fully intend to strengthen my faith, not because of what I stand to gain, but what I stand to lose. And I hope and pray that you begin your journey of faith or strengthen it as well and find Christ as the center of your lives.