How to Earn Some Cash Online in Your Spare Time?

There are legitimate websites and mobile apps that can give us some cash. However, we must not expect to earn tons of money from them. These are not something that we can do as a job so we can feed our family; but if there’s something that we can do on the side to earn something extra, here are the apps or websites that we can consider.

Predict the movement of the forex market

If you’re good at predicting the market trend in forex, you might want to try the SpartProfit app. You don’t need to invest real money here, so there’s no risk in playing this game. All you need is a good intuition.

SparkProfit claims that you can earn up to $50 per month if you’re good.


Exercise and eat healthy

Pactapp is one of the apps that can let you earn some cash just by exercising or just by eating some fruits and veggies. You just have to set an attainable health pact each week (e.g. a 30-minute exercise for 5 times a week) and do your best to fulfill them. You can earn approximately $1 per week just by fulfilling your week’s goal. On the other hand, there’s also a possibility to lose at least $5, for each day that you fail to do your pact.


Join a social media that pays

BonzoMe is a social media that lets you earn by posting videos and images. You can earn up to 80% of the ad revenue generated by the posts.


Click some ads

This is the traditional and the most popular way to earn some cash online. There are some people who say that they earn real money by doing it. All you have to do is just click an ad. Each ad lasts from 5-30 seconds. You can earn around $0.001 for each click.

Cash Crate is one of the famous and leading PTC sites.

There are still lots of ways to earn some cash during our spare time with the help of the internet; it includes gaming, taking surveys, and more. However, these apps and websites can only provide a few bucks. We cannot make a living out of them. It is still important to love our job, and to be diligent and persistent all the time.