How to be FINANCIALLY FREE depends on you..

“Financial Freedom – having enough passive income or residual income to cover you expenses.”
Financial Freedom…How?  Starts with Literacy, Financial Literacy to be exact…


Financial Literacy – is money management skill you need to master. 

It is knowing, understanding and manipulating your money to work for you not the other way around.

  6 Steps to Financial Freedom

“Combination of thoughts from a Spiritual Guru and a Money Expert”

  • Give back and increase cash flow – Give back 10% of your salary to God as love offering, look for other income generating gigs, have lifestyle check and reduce expenses. Learn to look for passive income. Money matters.
  • Debt Management – List down all your bad debts, devise a plan on how to eradicate existing debts. How much you can set aside every month to pay each, start with the highest interest, and declare your freedom day from your existing bad debts. Renegotiate with creditors if you have to. Make a commitment from today onwards never borrow anything that doesn’t put back money into your pocket.


  • Create Emergency Fund – Imagine if you have no job and is not earning as to how many months you should be able to live without any money coming in, then that determines how much emergency fund you need.


  • Get Insurance for Protection – you need to be self-insured, not for yourself but for the people you will be leaving behind. You want to be assured that they will have enough for themselves to pay for the expenses that you should be paying when you are alive, not to mention Estate taxes when you have lots of estate, 


  • Create Retirement Fund – Set aside portion of your monthly salary at 20% and invest in various Growth Funds, you can search where you could put your long term savings depending on your age and the level of risk you are comfortable with.


  • Preserve your Estate – Commit to avoid dipping in your long term investment or any of the fund you have set aside. Look beyond and always remind yourself that Financial Freedom is living your life the way you want it even if you stopped working.

No matter how many financial gurus out there, how much material is at hand and available, it still all depends on you.. Make a commitment to declare your Freedom day – Pray and work hard for it…:)

Below is a video clip to help asses yourself to where are you in your Financial Freedom journey..

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