Introduction to collecting

When people think of collecting, they may imagine expensive works of art or historical artifacts that are later sold to a museum or listed on eBay. The truth is, for many people who amass collections, the value of their collections are not monetary but emotional —and often, not for sale. Collections allow people to relive their childhoods, to connect themselves to a period in history or to a time they feel strongly about. Their collections may help them to ease insecurity and anxiety about losing a part of themselves, and to keep the past present [1] Some collect for the thrill of the hunt. Collecting is much like a quest, a lifelong pursuit which can never be complete.[2] Collecting may provide psychological security by filling a part of the self one feels is missing or is void of meaning.[3] When one collects, one experiments with arranging, organizing, and presenting a part of the world which may serve to provide a safety zone, a place of refuge where fears are calmed and insecurity is managed.[4] Motives are not mutually exclusive; rather, different motives combine in each collector for a multitude of reasons. – wikipedia

Collecting as a lifelong pursuit

Collecting is for some people a childhood hobby, but for others a lifelong pursuit or one that begins in adulthood. Collectors who begin early in life often modify their aims when they get older. Some novice collectors start purchasing items that appeal to them then slowly work at learning how to build a collection, while others prefer to develop some background in the field before starting to buy items.



It’s all about the fun!

I believe one should always remember to have FUN and ENJOY collecting. Once it’s no longer fun but a chore, then perhaps it’s time to move on. What to do with the toys collected? Pass them on to someone who can appreciate them – me! I’ve been collecting since 1994 and although I have slowed down quite a bit, I certainly haven’t stopped. Space is a BIG constraint for me because I’ve run out of space to display my toys and I am one of those who want to open the toy from its plastic prison cage and display the figure, as you can see from the pictures I’ve posted here: just a small sampling of the toys that I’ve amassed over the 20 years of collecting. source: toyhavenblogspot




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