Gifts to Give a Friend With a Newborn

You receive the wonderful news that your friend gave birth to a healthy, squishy baby. You’re excited to get the little fellow something special for when you come to visit. What will you get? You’ve never had kids before, and with a lot going on it’s a bit awkward to ask your friend what she wants or what her baby might need at this stage. So, let this simple list help you pick out a thoughtful gift that your friend will surely appreciate.



It can be very tempting to visit your friend at the hospital right away, or their home as soon as they return. However, one thing that your friend truly needs right after giving birth is space – space to get to know her child; to recuperate from a tiring and painful ordeal; and for first-time moms, to figure out how many things work like bathing and feeding her child. A thoughtful message from you congratulating her and letting you know you’ll visit when she tells you she’s ready to accept visitors is enough for now.


Offer to help out

A family with a newborn will definitely be overwhelmed with a lot of things on the onset that chores won’t become a priority for a while. Offering to take care of chores that you can do for them will leave them with less things to worry about and more time to take care of their brand-new baby. When in doubt, you won’t go wrong with packed food that is ready to reheat and easy to store in the fridge after.


Pamper the mom

A new mother will be 100% focused on taking care of her newborn and at times she may not have enough time to take care of herself. You may want to consider scheduling a short massage session with her to help her relax, or some DIY home spa regimen that you can do around the baby’s daily routine.

This video shows a unique and cool way of pampering a mom by making things a bit easier for her:


Keep in touch

Your friend will be MIA on most of your gatherings from now on, but it doesn’t mean she stopped wanting to spend time with you. Stay connected with her, even just through texts or chatting on social media. She will need company of her friends especially when she needs a break from talking to a baby almost the whole day.


Functional items

If you’re really itching to get your friend’s baby something from the baby store, get something that the baby can use for quite some time. Cloth diapers that are adjustable to fit from newborn to toddler (one-size-fits-all) would be great. Avoid items that that baby may be sensitive to like skin care items and food.


Sometimes, it doesn’t take a fancy trolley or the cuddliest of toys to show your friend how happy you are for their new baby. Sometimes, you won’t need to spend at all. It can be the smallest of favors done sincerely that new parents truly appreciate.