Why is freelancing the best option for stay-at-home moms or dads?

If you are dead tired of a 9-5  job, sick of the trouble of commuting everyday because of heavy traffic that most of us encountered everyday, a former worker abroad who doesn’t know where to start and how to search for job when he returns home, or even someone who after long years of break from the work force finally decided to comeback, or a mom who care not to leave her children with a nanny, this one is for you.

Freelancing is becoming a trend even here in the Philippines. And so why not? If you have a laptop and good internet connection, a skill  or services you can offer a client, you are good to go. Flexibility as far as time is concern is another perk of freelancing. You can manage your own time, get as many clients you can as long as you know you can keep the pace of your work load, or even work part time only, while taking care of your family, you cant achieve that in a normal office setting. Earnings depend on the skill and services you can offer, you can name your price, per hour or  a fixed monthly income, it’s all up to you. It may increase over time, once you build rapport with your client. Someone I know who has been in this business for 8 years has been making of up to  PHP100 k a month. Imagine that?

Freelancing has also a downside to it. Although there’s a pool of clients all over the world who are sorting to freelancers, the competition to get job is tight as well. It is also a challenge to handle different kinds of client at the same time as well as working at several projects according to what the client needs.

To sum it up, freelancing is still the best option. Great time management systems and organization is a key. Learn some skill or two, put a gear of determination. Remember, there is no easy way to success.