Known to be the City of Taste and Heritage, there’s really a lot of things to discover in Malabon. But there’s one thing we’re known for and are really proud of: food. With different types of meals offered; traditional Filipino cuisine, foreign dishes, sweets and the like; you will never get bored in exploring the city.

If you think of Malabon foods, the first thing that comes into mind is, of course, our well-known flavorful Pancit Malabon. The pancit’s mouthwatering taste and the bountiful toppings that matches the pancit’s flavor makes it a Filipino favorite. But aside from that, are there more foodstuffs that are worth a try in Malabon?

Here are some of the must visit food stalls and restaurants in Malabon.


1. Jamico’s Restaurant(Home of Judy Ann Crispy Pata)

Home of sumptuously delectable Crispy Pata!

Well marinated, fried to perfection, crispy on the outside and tender juicy on the inside. This is absolutely a must try when you’re in Malabon.

It might be a bit pricey but it is completely worth it.


2. Quarry Bay

If you’re into Chinese cuisine, Quarry Bay is definitely the place to go. Good food, wide selection of menu, excellent service, all in a very affordable price.

Also, I love their discounted dimsum after 9:00pm. They also serve milktea and frappe from their sister store named Tea Sparkle.


3. Balsa sa Niugan

A great place to dine in whether with friends, family, or special someone. It has a relaxing and sweet ambiance (minus the mosquito at night so you better bring your anti insect repellent lotion) so it’s the perfect place to chill.

The food is delicious and affordable. My absolute favorites are Pinaputok na Pla-pla, Kare-kare and of course SISIG.


4. Dolor’s Kakanin

Craving for Filipino Delicacies? This kakanin store in Malabon will surely satisfy your needs. Puto, Kutsinta, Butcheron, and “World-Class” Sapin-Sapin can be found here in Dolor’s Kakanin. This is a true heaven for a Kakanin lover like me.


5. Tea Pop Concepcion

With the emergence of various milktea places here in Malabon, there’s one place with a unique concept, good ambiance and music, good food and variety of flavors to choose from. All of these qualities are found in Tea Pop.

The atmosphere is very warm, the food especially their milktea, is exceptional. No wonder others call it the milktea capital of Malabon.


Are you hungry yet? I know there’s a lot more to explore in malabon feel free to share any restaurant or coffee shops you recommend on the comment section below.