Cloth Diaper

Eco-friendly Nappy

Since I gave birth to my first baby I’m using the disposable diaper. It was good and my baby got some rushes at the beginning but as time goes by he got used to it, and the rushes disappeared. But one thing I hate most while using the disposable diaper is  the proper way of disposing it, it’s kinda messy and I don’t know why all the dogs  outside our house are somehow attracted to my baby’s used nappy, so I’ve decided to switched to something Eco-friendly nappy because I know mother nature was very upset to me right now.

It’s been already two  months since I bought my first dozen of cloth diaper. I ordered it online for 2,000 pesos and after two days I received the parcel right away. I was excited when I saw the nappies for the first time and they are so soft and colorful. I tried the plain colors first because that was the most cheapest. The advantage of using cloth diaper is they’re affordable,easy to used and you can wash it over and over and you won’t worry for rashes because it’s 100% polyester and the inserts are cotton and it works amazing just like the disposable one.


The only disadvantage of using this Eco-friendly nappy is that you must wash it properly, I hand wash my baby’s nappies because  he got rushes when I wash it on automatic washing machine, secondly you have to changed it every 3 hours so in 1 day your going to use 4 to 7 cloth diaper, and third expect additional water bill because your going to consume a lot while washing it. Overall I’m satisfied to this kind of diaper and I know there’s a lot of new features they incorporate to this amazing Eco-friendly nappies  like bamboo, charcoal, and micro fibers which can give pretty much satisfaction to you and to  your little ones, try this Facebook page: SBZ SnuggleBunz because they have several cloth diaper designs that you can choose from and they’re so cute .