We can’t control all our circumstances, but we can control our reactions. Life is full of inconveniences. There will always be interruption and difficult people. But too many people these days have the wrong approach to life. They think they can’t be happy unless they control all their circumstances and everything goes their way.

       The scripture says that ” no one will take away your joy” ( John 16:22).  The next time you’re tempted to be upset and frustrated, ask yourself, Is this worth giving my power away?

       You may not have victory, not because you can’t, but because you keep giving it away. Life is too short to upset and offended. If you allow your circumstances to control your joy, there will always some reason to be discouraged.

       When you encounter people who are poisoned inside, don’t let it rub off on you. If you sink down to their level and you’re cold and rude back to them, you’ve allowed them to contaminate you. Rise above that. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. You overcome evil with good. If somebody is rude to you, just bless them, smile, and keep moving forward.