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Although freelancing has been ongoing for more than 10 years now,   this information is very new to me. For 25 years, my day-to-day activities were mostly spent working offline that I almost forgot to live.   Too much work seem to have detached me from the outside word.   Luckily, a colleague introduced me to the world…

Common Tasks a Business Owner can Delegate to a Freelance Office Assistant

Get to Know the Business Owner and the Freelance Office Assistant

Business owners and professionals have their own set of priorities. May it be on the business or personal aspects of their lives. They schedule their daily activities in a way that they will be productive and at the same time less stressful throughout the day.

Freelance Office Assistants, on the other hand, are remote workers who are ready to provide administrative support to entrepreneurs and employed individuals. These freelancers possess the same working capabilities as the traditional personal assistants who work in an office set-up to provide support to their client and boss. They offer their respective skills to lessen the workload of clients and eventually lead to business or individual’s success.


Business Owner Uncertainty Towards Hiring a Freelance Office Assistant

These days, remote staffs or what we all heard as freelancers or virtual assistants are increasing in number due to the demand of their skills as well as to the effectivity of services they can offer to their clients. However, the problem is that there are growing business entities and even non-profit organization which owners are still doubtful if hiring freelance office assistant is the best way to lessen their burden at work. Also, some do not know what specific tasks will they assign to their possible hired freelancers.


List of Tasks that Business Owner can Entrust to a Freelance Office Assistant

In order for clients to be guided on how to come up with the best decision as to hiring freelance office assistant as well as on what specific works to delegate to them, I made a list of office works that they can assign to their future freelancer without the need of physical presence.

1.) Data Entry Duties

– Data entry jobs are the process of transferring and encoding files from one form to another which means typing important facts or data from a source to a system or database.

Entrepreneurs can assign data entry tasks to their freelance office assistants so to regularly update their business system or database. In this way, they can easily access important files of customers for possible retrieval and monitor the business growth in a regular manner.

2.) Internet Research

– Internet Research is the process of searching and collecting data from the internet and then use it for reference purposes.

Business owners can depend on freelance administrative staffs to do the research via the Internet. They can work on finding a possible prospective buyer of the products the business offers to the market as well as to find new ways on how to improve their existing products and much more.

3.) Email Management

– Email Handling is systematically controlling the quantity and value of electronic messages received and sent by a business owner or entity.

The client can confidently delegate personal or business emails to their remote office assistants so to manage well their incoming and outgoing emails. Freelancers can filter messages to their respective folders or categories thus to avoid unattended emails and reply to urgent matters from suppliers and customers.

4.) Schedule Management

– Schedule Management is determining relevant dates, time and place of meet-ups and then putting them in order on one’s to-do list or calendar so not to miss important meetings or events.

Business owners will surely feel at ease when they seek from a freelance office assistant to manage their daily and monthly schedule. These include meetings with an interested investor, an appointment with a business partner or events for customers and potential market.

5.) Social Media Management

– Social Media Management is managing social media accounts to make sure that once the brand of service or products is well presented to its target market and at the same time, broaden its scope of clients.

Entrepreneurs, nowadays cannot grow and sustain its business without the aid of social media. That is why, a remote administrative assistant can be a huge help for them to reach out and promote their products and services to its customers and then eventually, this will lead to increase in profit.


Employ a Freelance Office Staff Today

A lot of individual remote office staff contractors play a big part in the success of a growing business by showcasing their skills to their clients and some of them built a strong and long working relationship with their clients. Moreover, the keys to a long-term working relationship are excellent and quality work output as well as a trustworthy character of a freelance worker towards his/ her client.

Hire a freelance office assistant today and be amazed at the ease and benefits that your future remote office staff contributes to your daily business and personal activities! I, myself provides quality-based freelance office assistance services to your end. Click here to check my list of services!