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I am a Warrior

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I’d be at war. Every day is a struggle. I am in a battlefield I march in and out off. I am a warrior now and I am stronger. When I was younger my worries included school work, grades, friends, my relationship with my family,…

Investing in Agribusiness, Is it worth it?

Entrusting your hard earned money in an Agribusiness with a Return of investment for 125% is a very good deal. But do you have any idea about the business? Does the company has a legal contract? or Did they include in the contract all of your concerns? All of this questions in our head is making…

Why is Freelancing the Best Option for Stay-at-Home Dads or Moms?

Today, freelancing job is an in demand opportunity for stay at home dads or moms. No need to go overseas for work and sacrifice not seeing your loved ones. In spite of many applications available on the internet for not becoming homesick, yet you can still feel the distance. The reality that you are far from…

Become 401st Richest Man

“Become 401st richest man”, – that is my goal. As Tony Robbins said: “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”. Becoming 401st richest man is not yet visible for me but the sails of the boat are already set, so welcome aboard to my journey to riches.  Aim High, work…

Know How to Start and Earn Working from Home

Do you wanna know how to start and earn working from home? Nowadays every Mom seemed to have a way of thinking how to become better and better. Influenced of today’s economic downfall and getting worst inflation, one source of income to provide for all the needs of the family is not enough. Mommy like me should find other ways to be able to survive in a day to day living.

Social Media Platforms specifically, Facebook, today’s main source of information, is being used by most businesses to cater different kinds of products and services. This includes short-time online courses on languages, graphic designing, SEO, accounting courses, social media marketing, data encoding, virtual assistant and so on.

Upon learning of these courses, it made known to me that these are the things that most stay-at-home Moms are making busy with. Online jobs are now the most effective and efficient ways of earning, even full time.

Top 4 reasons why online jobs are nowadays most effective and efficient ways of earning.

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  1. Convenient. Working while staying at home. Who else would not want to have a job in the comfort of our own home? Aside from the stress brought by heavy traffic going to offices and from offices going back to home, a relieve from the daily mess in the road could be very helpful to us Moms who really deserve more peaceful moments in our lives.
  2. Economical.  Commuters who normally spend 1/4 of their income to transport fees will eventually save their money which can be used to other expenses at home.
  3.  Earning while taking care of our loved ones. Mommies who normally go back to work after giving birth could be very painful. I know, because I was once like that. Now that my son is already a year and a half, he constantly needs my attention. It’s so hard to leave the house in the morning and you’ll see him again after more than 8 hours of the day.  Oftentimes, he will have to fall asleep because he can no longer wait for me. (He normally jumped and screamed, “Mommy!” every time I’m coming.) And working online while taking care of him is like a wish come true to all the Moms out there.
  4. Income Leverage. Having the right set of skills in one’s personality and interests, working online could be very much rewarding. A lot of freelancers had already testified on this. A possible income that is far more than from his or her corporate basic income isn’t hard to gain.

Realizing all of the lists above can be very enticing to eventually grab the opportunity of working from home.

However, there are things that we need to prepare in order to start our online career.

5 Important things you should invest to work online:

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  1. Laptop. I have my second-hand, old model laptop which I normally use every time I prepare a presentation in the office. I bought this just to have a backup every time my PC gets down. For the mean time, this could be useful though I suggest that we should have the suggested computer specs for our working laptops. But to those who do not have enough budget at the moment, like me, your old model laptop can be very useful too. If we have already the budget then, we can eventually upgrade, right?
  2. Webcam. Though my old model laptop has no built-in webcam, I intend to use my smartphone during client calls. However, again we should have to follow the suggested computer specs for our working laptops. For those who do not have a built-in webcam on their laptops and has no budget yet, I would suggest using your smartphones for the mean time. Just a reminder to always check it’s battery because normally it drained fast, so we just have to be very mindful of this thing.
  3. Headset. I have my ordinary headset which I bought in the market at around P150.00, I use this in the office during non-busy hours, whenever I’m free and done of my tasks. This is why I also bring my materials in the office. Lately, I purchased a good quality headset with a noise cancellation feature. It doesn’t have to be too expensive as long as it has good quality. Again, I would repeat, if there’s already a budget then, we can eventually go to a much better quality.
  4. Reliable Internet connection. Our internet connection speed will depend on the tasks or job that we are going to do. But as suggested by Sir Jason Dulay, a 5mbps internet speed will be quite good enough. I go with PLDT-Ultera Home or the SmartBro 699 Plan. It has a maximum of 3mbps speed and 30-36gm data a month. This is good for a start, though I can upgrade anytime I need if the task require.
  5. A good working place. Maybe not all of us has this good working place to work at. Because we usually go to different areas of our home where we seem to be comfortable. It can be in the kitchen, sala, or bedroom. Me, having my kids, I would normally go to our room and closed the door to concentrate on my job. Or I’d go to veranda during the night when everybody falls asleep.

Now that we already know the basic things that we should have before starting working from home, we can now focus on the skills that we have to improve.

5 Minimum Skills that we need to enhance before working at home:

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  1. English Language. Since we will be dealing with international clients, we should at least know how to communicate in the English language. There are many free websites online including, Youtube, italki, effortless English, English 101 and much more, which can be used as tools to practice our English communication. But if you want a step by step procedure in learning, there is a course in Sir Jason Dulay’s Better English for Online Success.
  2. Computer savvy. If we really wanted to become successful in our online career, we have to be a computer savvy. It doesn’t mean that we need to master the computer applications, we just need to indulge ourselves more often on the internet.
  3. Research.  Related to computer savvy we have to be more attached with Google. Google will be our best friend in all the things that we wanted to know.
  4. Typing. The most basic skill is typing. Of course, this is the skill that we wanted to at least perfect if we want a typing job.
  5.  Admin works. Admin works are the basic skills a virtual assistant should have. Know the Virtual Assistant Bootcamp in Sir Jason Dulay’s courses.

Now that we know the basic skills that we need to enhance,  we can now have the courage to apply and look for a client that could land us to online job.

This is possible only if we have the right attitude, mindset, and trust in ourselves.


A SMART Tips for Better Money Management

A Guide to Your Financial Freedom While you Work

“It’s not your salary that’s makes you rich, It’s your spending habits”  – Charles Jaffe

What is wealth? They say that it is “the state of being rich”. However, how does one become rich anyway? Well, first things first. It’s not about how much you earn. We all know that our lifestyles often adapt to income. As one’s salary grows, needs and wants go along with it. Now, the secret to having wealth is saving as you earn no matter how big or small the amount.

 Here are some 3 quick tips to accumulate wealth

  1. Follow an Effective Saving Formula 


People often make a mistake by using the SALARY – EXPENSES = SAVINGS. Remember that expenses and lifestyles may vary, so this can make people spend more and have less or even nothing left to save. With the advisable formula, you save and live simply in the moment and reap the rewards in the future. This will allow you to have enough money without having debts. Also, it gives you more security because you have money set aside in case of emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances.


       2. Let The Money Work For You.

Save money and allot it for investments that can make you more money. There are many long term investments that you can choose from. Learn about each one of them and choose one that you understand the most.  Otherwise, you will be shooting blanks and it will be as if you just gambled at the casino.

Different Kinds of Investments


Bonds have scheduled fixed interest payments that allow you to have a foreseeable income. It also has a maturity date wherein your principal will be returned. Having it in your investment portfolio lowers the risk of instability.


Stocks are investments that give you rights of ownership in a corporation. It allows you to have a stake when it comes to assets and earnings. It is traded in units called shares. Many prefer this type of investment because it is accessible and something you can do yourself. If you have the gift of seeing a company’s potential it can give you greater returns as their success is your success.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds consist of “pooled money that is invested into assets”. It is cost-effective, due to the fact that you can invest in small amounts. Another advantage is that it is managed by professionals who are familiar with the business, so there is variation in investments.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading is when one foreign currency is exchanged for another. This form of investment has high returns and you can trade in your own time because the market is open 24/7. You can even make small investments and earn on a daily basis.

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

ETFs are single investments comprised of stocks and bonds. It helps you diversify your investment portfolio. It is also easy to trade and has lower costs.

     3. Invest in Financial Literacy

Acquiring knowledge when it comes to savings, finances and investment options will allow you to acquire wealth and build it.

Many think that it is impossible to be a millionaire at a young age but many have done it. Aside from managing your finances properly, here are some tips!

    Don’t show off.

Many live the high life and end up having debts and zero savings. By living a simple life and maximizing savings to increase wealth you are assured of a comfortable debt free future.

    Save and invest.

Set aside or grow your money so you can invest more. It’s simple. More investments equal to more income.

According to Bill Gates, “If you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it is your mistake.”

This means that the secret to your success is up to you. While your an employee or self-employed nowadays, it is time to move forward and be positive that this year 2017 will be a better year. Make big dreams and start taking steps to improve your spending habits and to have better stewardship when it comes to finances.

So now, think about your future and start the race towards our financial freedom!


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3 Reasons why I choose to work at home

3 Reasons why I choose to work at home Financial Freedom – In this type of job you can earn more by adding skills in your resume, the more skills you have the more money you will get