Be cool in BICOL!

 BICOL is too COOL 🙂

Bicol is one of the tourist favorites when vacation hits. Who wouldn’t know Mayon Volcano? Sili Shake? Pili Nuts? Butanding?The list can go on. Literally, you cannot outgive Bicol when it comes to adventure be it land and seas. It offers a great variety that makes it on top and gets you to keep coming back!

You can never get enough when you’re in Bicol. The food is superb, the locals are all extra friendly and Bicol in itself is a paradise. Let me give you a short list of things you must see and must do the next time you visit this region.

Mayon Volcano

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to meet this beauty in person? This textbook/postcard worthy icon should be on your top list. And, shouldn’t stay on your book, you have to see it! This perfectly shaped cone volcano can’t be questioned for being one of the 7 wonders. Definitely wonderful how perfectly shaped it is! You can see Cagsawa Ruins a century old church. Also, as local tourism has developed the place, you can do a lot of things aside from gazing at this shy-type beauty. You can go zip lining, mountain climbing, and ATV rough riding. You can even go and experience Misibis Bay for an overnight stay. Of course, with a perfect view of this perfect beauty.



Did you just say beaches? Well, Bicol got them all – from north to south! Caramoan, Calaguas, Dansol where the gentle giants butanding are found and now the famous Subic Matnog beach with pinkish white sand. These are just very few of and I cannot finish this post if I would attempt to count them all.

Mind you, Bicol is not only a beach haven but a rivers, waterfalls, lakes and all water type you can think of. They have it!

Parks and Churches

And if you get tired of those water activities, you can roam around their famous old century churches and nature loving parks. Bicol isn’t just for the travelers alone, it attracts soloist, buddies and even family trips. It is for everyone!


And for the foodies out there (who’s not right?), this is a worthy stopover for your taste journey.

Try the following and I tell you, it’ll be worth it!

  •  Bicol Express
  •  Sili shake
  •  Pili nuts and all things that are pili made
  •  Laing
  •  Pinangat
  •  and lots of SEAFOOD


You can even go sunset lake food cruise.  It will be totally worth every penny to visit Bicol.

I can’t even put all things in a single post. With over 6 provinces and 7 major cities, you cannot out give what Bicol has to offer and experience first hand why Bicol is so cool!