Attracting Positive Things in Our Life

We often feel that the world is unfair because of the bad things happened in our life such as loss of job, lots of money, family and relationship problem and much more. The truth is we attract all these things. Yes, you heard it, WE ATTRACTED ALL THESE THINGS.  In the law of attraction says that we attract the things we focus on. Let me give you an example. When we go to work every day, we always fear to be late and to encounter traffic. That’s the thought we focus on, to be late and to encounter traffic. Then, along with the way we encounter traffic. So the tendency, we will think and say “I am going to be late” and you are telling it to yourself over and over. Let me tell you this, what we say and what we think creates reality. So you will be late because that is what you think, what you say and what you believe. If you believe that you are going to be late, then you are going to be late. However, there are lot more negative things in our life that we focus on. We deal it every day because we believe, we say and we think of it. The result, our life is full of problems and depression. In order to avoid that, there are things on how to stop negative thoughts and think positive thoughts. Here are some of the things we should do:

  1. Always think positive

It’s hard to think positive in the midst of sadness, desperation, and failures. However, if we focus the bad side, we will attract the bad things. In order for us to turn the way around is evaluate ourselves. Why are we focusing on it?  What is my benefit if I focus on this? What are the things I should do to solve my problem? Think the positive side of the problem. Think on how to solve the problem instead of accepting, and thinking it over and over again.  If you’re lost your job maybe because there’s something big will come. Look for another job.  If we change our thought and we think its positive side, we will attract good things into our lives.


  1. Always pray and meditate

We all know that meditation and prayer help us to clear our minds. Doing prayer and meditation helps us to remove negative things in our life and leave up to God. By doing it, we remove negative thoughts and thinks positive thoughts. We can do meditation at least once a day.

  1. Always focus on the good things

There are lots of good things surrounds us, if we only learn how to focus. Our family, and friends they are the good things that God has given to us. They are one love, help, and motivate us and make us happy. If we focus on that good side in our life, we attract happiness. If we attract happiness, we attract positive things in our life.

  1. Have an attitude of gratitude

Being always thankful for all the things that come into our life. Think that you are blessed every day because you have a home, job, good to eat and family compares to the fewer fortune people. We feel happy that we still have blessings and we should be thankful for that. If we feel happiness, we attract positive thoughts and we attract positive things.