3 Reasons Why Social Media Kills Relationships.

Ever since the popularity of Social Medias, many Filipinos have been spending most of their time on online, particularly on Facebook and Instagram.  No surprise there since Social Media connects us to our relatives across the world, especially convenient for many OFWs who misses their families back home. Social Media has brought us closer to each other than ever before, or has it? Many articles and studies had found evidences of the negative effects of Social Media in our relationships.

Below are some of the reasons why social media kills relationships:

  • Jealousy

Social Media can keep you updated with your friends posts about their lives and relationship, and in turn makes you think about your own life and compare your relationships with those you see online. Social Media will keep you focused on what you don’t have in your relationship and established baseless expectations about how your relationship “should” work. Every #relationshipgoals posts you see can make you wonder about your own relationships which most of the time leads to fights and pointless arguments.

  • Disconnection

Social Media claims to bring people closer than ever but in reality, it does the opposite of that. Many peers and group of friends I see can’t talk about anything without the use of smartphones. Just go to a mall or a restaurant and you can see families with their young ones glued to their gadgets. Either they are texting or browsing, many no longer gives the attention their company deserves. This leads to superficial friendship and weak relationships. Social media distracts us from living in the present that we forget to enjoy the small things around us.

  • External Validation           

 Sadly, one of the reasons why relationships break and friendships grow distant is because of venting our problems in Social Media. Instead of talking with the person who have wronged us personally and working it out with them, many choose to post their grievances online for random strangers to see and comment on. This attention-seeking behavior corrodes even the longest and toughest of relationships. Relationships are supposed to be your sanctuary and your friends and families your confidants. But instead, many choose to turn to Social Media for the attention of complete strangers than those who truly care for them.

Social Media can be a great way to connect with distant relatives and old friends but it falls within our responsibilities on how we use it, how much time we spend on it and what we post. The next time you are out with friends or family, try to turn off your device and actually listen to whoever is by your side, give them 100% of your attention, tell jokes and laugh with them. After all, isn’t that what being “social” is all about?