Lunner Love at Kuya J’s!

Crispy Pata + Sisig is LOVE!


What is Lunner? Did I make that word up? Maybe. It’s just lunch and dinner combined. 🙂 It took us too long to pick a restaurant that we didn’t realize it was almost 4pm when we finally decided to eat at Kuya J’s Restaurant in SM City Cebu.

I love the bookish feel of the restaurant. The waitress handed over what may seem as a magazine but to our surprise, it was the menu! What a way to set apart from the common hardboard menus.

The menu on our hands and we’ve finally decided what to get. What did we initially order? Crispy Pata and Garlic Rice! It was a whopping Php 380 for the Crispy Pata but it was worth it. However, something caught our eyes! Their Sisig was awarded as Cebu’s Best Sisig of this year!! We have to get it! Pork Overload! Capped off the date with their famous Ube Halo-Halo.

The Sisig was perfect. Crispy Pata was great. But the Halo-halo was not what I expected it to be. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious but I wanted the authentic taste of the Php 10 Halo-halo we’ve loved in the 90s. That manually-scraped ice with all the mixes on a hot summer day! Enough of that, let’s talk about their Garlic Rice; It was too oily. And I don’t think it was a good fit for what the viands we ordered. Byron’s Garlic Rice is the best (not a sponsored endorsement).

It was a good thing that I didn’t need to use the comfort room because it was out of order.

Our Lunner experience was an 8/10.

We’ll definitely go back to Kuya J’s Restuarant. Afterall, it is the Home of  Great Filipino Comfort  Food!

Looking for Adventure? Come! Experience it in Basey Samar.

             I was born in Basey and proud to say that my hometown was blessed with so much in nature. Basey is said to be the Leyte’s capital during the American period. It is one of the most-visited places in Samar. A record holder of the world’s longest woven mat (‘banig”), which is presented in the Guinness Book of World Records.     Basey is located in the southwestern part of Samar. The nearest airport, located in Tacloban City, is about 28 kilometers along the Maharlika highway through the winding San Juanico bridge.


You can find many places and do many things in Basey, Samar. Here are some of the best adventures that you shouldn’t miss in Basey, Samar.

1. Cross San Juanico Bridge from Leyte to Samar


The nearest airport to Sohoton Natural Park is Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport in Tacloban City, Leyte. If you’re a tourist traveling from Tacloban City to Basey, you will have the chance to cross San Juanico Bridge, the longest bridge in the Philippines that connects the islands of Samar and Leyte.

2. Experience riding a habal-habal or a scenic boat ride to Sohoton National Park

There are two ways to get to Sohoton National Park. You can either ride a pump boat directly from Basey town to Sohoton or ride a habal-habal from Basey Town to Wespal, Brgy. Girang to ride a pump boat from that point to Sohoton.

3.Explore the Enchanting Sohoton Caves



Inside Sohoton National Park is the cathedral like caves. You can play with your imagination because of different shapes of rocks formation, beautiful stalactites, and stalagmites that will surely amaze you.




 4. Kayak to Sohoton Natural Bridge   

Take a kayak and paddle your way to Sohoton Natural Bridge. This awe-inspiring natural bridge connects two mountain ridges of spanning the sohoton river. The upper portion of the bridge is forested while the underside is made of giant formations of stalactites.Enjoy swimming in the cold water of the river.

5.Side trip to Balantak Falls


Balantak Falls is composed of 3 waterfalls.  The cold and falling waters are just perfect to comfort and massage your tired body.

6. Visit the Centuries-old St. Michael Church

Our well-preserved church which was built by Jesuit priests in the late 17th century stands as a historical landmark of Basey. It features murals of biblical characters on the ceiling. Its bell tower and stone convent was constructed in 1845. It is situated on the top of the hill giving the church an ideal location.It served as a relocation site during typhoon Yolanda.

7. Buy Banig and other inspired Souvenirs

It is not just a banig. Our weavers expanded their products to bags, wallet, slippers, and other decorative materials.

      8. Don’t forget to taste our native delicacies, that you’ll surely love.

yummy binagol
rice cooked in coconut leaves
Chocolate moron


Home-based online job is now trending not only in the Philippines but in the other country as well.

Many business owners are now bringing their businesses in the online world as many people are much engaged using the internet.  And due to increasing demand for online professionals to help them manage or delegate some tasks that they can’t handle anymore, a lot of people now are aspiring to be one of these professionals.

photo credits:

So why working online is one of the most sought options by many individuals anyway?

Does it really offer great opportunities compare to the traditional job?

Below are some of the benefits of working from home:

Time Freedom

  • You can work whenever you want
  • You can set your own time to start working, unlike in regular job that you have your “daily” required time to go to the office.
  • You don’t have to wake up early and go home late because of the traffic.
  • You can go to any bank to deposit and do other transactions especially those that operate only until 3 pm
  • You can spend more time with your kids, family and loved ones
  • You can go and explore places whenever you want

No Office/Work Politics

  • You don’t have to worry about other people who don’t like you or the way you do your job
  • No gossiping co-employee.
  • No stress working with the people you don’t like
  • You don’t have to prove yourself and your work to anybody except your client
  • You can choose the person you will be working with the skills you have


  • You are the boss
  • You can set your own deadlines and work without being pressured
  • You improve yourself and skills without being stress because you know that it will be for your own sake
  • You do your best and thrive to be more productive for your own benefit and not for other people

You are free

  • You can work in your pajamas
  • You can work wherever you want
  • You don’t have to buy expensive formal clothes for office
  • You can control your budget because there is no co-employee who will ask you to eat outside which is sometimes out of budget
  • You can take of your kids while working

Your self is the limit

  • There are a lot of opportunities to make money online in many ways
  • You have unfixed income (you can earn more) unlike office work that you already know how much you can get every 15th or 30th of the month


If there are other benefits that are not included in my list, feel free to share it in the comment box.

Gerry’s Grill

The food was delicious, enjoy every a little bit everything. My favorite were Crispy Pata “crispy skin on the outside” and the Kare-Kare was tender and meat fell off the bone,  Sisig is also the best. I  would recommend this new style of the Filipino Restaurant.






The world really changes so fast now; when it comes to lifestyle or so with the computer games as well. Those games that makes our parents always scold us cause instead of studying some of us don’t attend class just to play. “You won’t get anything in computer games” the favorite line of my mother when she catch me playing computer games.

But now i don’t think that they can say that anymore cause as everybody knows, computer games now a days become one of the path to success, specially DOTA 2. DOTA 2 tournaments gives a very very large prize which if you are very talented it can make you instant millionaire. According to the latest tournament they organized which is “The International 2017” the prize pool is around ten thousand million dollars, take note dollars, so if convert to Philippines peso it will be around five hundred million pesos.

Imagine it, half a billion pesos, what kind of job in the world can give you that kind of money. DOTA 2 catch the interest and attention of the people around the world specially the Philippines as they establish schools that teach and have DOTA 2 course so that student can be trained well.

The game were consist of two teams, the radiant and dire, which composed of 5 players each team. They pick which hero they want and play as a team with the objective of getting the main structure of each team destroyed. It is more into pushing lane than killing hero and that is what makes the game exciting.




Indonesia is one of the countries in South East Asia. There are approximately 18,000 islands in Indonesia which I was surprised to know how big Indonesia is. Just approximately 4 hours from Manila to Jakarta which is the capital of Indonesia or Manila to Bali which is approximately 3 hours and 40 mins. flight. I decided to travel around Indonesia on my birthday month. I was in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali, and Flores. I will not talk about all the cities I visited but I will tell a story about the last Island I visited in Indonesia. They always say that save the best for last. The last Island I visited is Flores. Flores means ” flower” in Portuguese it was colonized by Portuguese before. I arrived in Labuan Bajo the capital of this Island at 3:30 pm and I went out to the airport and a lot of taxi drivers or motorcycle drivers told me Malaysian? Thai?

Funny they don’t guess it. I said I’m Filipina and rode a motorcycle to my hostel. I was walking around the main street in Labuan Bajo looking for a tour that would take me to Padar Island and Komodo Dragon Island. Then I found the cheapest tour around the street. Although it’s not that really cheap but seeing the dragons is one of my bucket lists since I love wildlife. I was dreaming to see such creature that are the brothers or long lost cousins of the dinosaurs. Who isn’t a fan of dinosaurs maybe only few? but come on every one of us have seen Jurrasic park.


This island is part of the tour but who would not want to go here? I was amazed to see such view. I’m not a hiker, I was tired to reach the top but when I’m almost there I was running out of breath.  But the view is amazing I couldn’t take my eyes off it.


Komodo Island 


Komodo Island

I’m very excited to visit the Komodo Dragons. I’ve been wanting to visit them after I saw the video of them on youtube and they are very dangerous creatures. I never know they can only be found in Indonesia. As per wiki ” Komodo dragons live on only five islands in southeastern Indonesia: Indonesia’s four islands within Komodo National Park (Komodo, Rinca, Gili Montang, Gili Dasami), and the island of Flores. The islands are volcanic in origin, rugged and hilly, and covered with both forest and savanna grassland.” I visited the island of Komodo but some of the tourists I met visited Rinca Island. It’s up to you whatever tour package you will get as long as you will be able to see such an incredible creatures from Dinosaur era.

Our group in the Island of Komodo. ” Jurrasic Park The Returns”  The Ranger is the one who took the photo.

Selfie with my baby Komodo …what? at least I got the best selfie ever. In the movie, Kita Kita “Empoy” has baby dragonfly but I have my baby Komodo. Isn’t he cute? Cute but dangerous of course the ranger was there with me when I took the photo and no animals were harm for this.


Looks Scary? It was very scary that’s what I felt when  I saw them just 2 meters away. Like? what?  did you ever tell your mom about this? NAAH she never knew about it until I already posted everything about it after the tour on Facebook.



To sum up, over all experience. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I could say that I met the dragons or the real dragons of Indonesia. You will be able to go to the island in a group with one ranger and never roam around alone always with the group. Because they are a flesh eating creature and you are actually in there neighborhood or the place they called home. Be careful anywhere on the island and always ask the ranger if its okay to take a photo or just always ask them or inform them. I never thought I would see them so up close because before we tour around the island the ranger told me that it actually depends if we will see them in a trek or not. But it’s such a lucky day for me since I will not come back again to the island after I get to see them its kinda expensive and I don’t have much time then.





Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) & Parenting

ADHD is a highly genetic, brain-based syndrome that has to do with the regulation of a particular set of brain functions and related behaviors. These brain operations are collectively referred to as “executive functioning skills” and include important functions such as attention, concentration, memory, motivation, and effort, learning from mistakes, impulsivity, hyperactivity, organization, and social skills.

ADHD is NOT caused by poor parenting, falls or head injuries, traumatic life events, digital distractions, video games and television, lack of physical activity, food additives, food allergies, or excess sugar.

ADHD is caused by chemical, structural, and connectivity differences in the brain, mostly as a result of genetics.

3 Groups of Symptoms of Children with ADHD:

INATTENTION~ They might procrastinate, not complete tasks like homework or chores, or frequently move from one uncompleted activity to another. Lack focus, forgetful, and might also be disorganized.

HYPERACTIVITY~ They are unable to stay seated, squirm a lot, fidget, or talk excessively.

IMPULSIVITY~ They are impatient, frequently interrupt or intrude others and blurt out answers before someone finishes asking them a question. Impulsivity can lead to accidents, like knocking over objects or banging into people. They may also do risky things without stopping to think about the consequences.

If you know someone having the same symptoms above, it’s best to consult with a professional who’s familiar with ADHD. Seek out a psychiatrist, psychologist, or psychotherapist specializing in ADHD and related challenges

On parenting a child with ADHD

I have 3 kids. My eldest has ADHD.

As a mother, I could say that parenting a child with his condition is twice the challenge of parenting a normal child as I can compare him with my 2 other kids

In my son’s case, we barely noticed it. We thought he was just like the other kids. He is smart, talented, full of life, inquisitive, and very active. He learns fast. He is best in oral recitation. He was an honor student in kindergarten. He led his team for a cheer dance competition and won.

Things turned upside down when he was in first grade. He was failing in class. He lost interest and would roam around the classroom and disturb his classmates by correcting their work or simply initiating talk and play. During exams, he does not read the questionnaire because he easily gets distracted and would just guess the answers or submit an unfinished work. There was even a time, a classmate urged him to go to the bathroom and take a bath to which he obeyed, with his uniform and shoes on. He had trouble writing, he would interchange the p with q and b with d. He was impulsive, he suddenly ran and got hit by a motorbike one day. How fast he absorbs information is the same speed he forgets them, so I frequently refresh his memory. It had alarmed us that he tried to wrap his neck with a scarf until his face turned red without realizing what he’s doing to himself is harmful. Good thing his teacher stopped him.

It was a wake-up call. That time, his teacher advised us to have him checked with a behavioral science doctor. After the check-up and tests, he was diagnosed positive of ADHD.

We were advised to have his therapy, of which we comply. We contacted an excellent occupational therapist that was recommended by his doctor. We were also advised to enroll him in a Special Education (SPED) class but we decided not to and so, he was home schooling. I teach him at home and bring him to school to take quizzes and exams. That’s how he survived first grade. The therapy was done twice a week. 6 months after, he was back on track and we were given positive feedbacks about my son’s improvement. Thankfully, he didn’t go on a dreaded medication. The therapy extremely helped and all the activities that we religiously follow at home.

My son was enrolled in a star section of a public school, which houses 30+ students in their classroom before he was positively diagnosed with ADHD. We’ve asked if it’s possible to enroll him in a normal class, since he is doing well already and that we didn’t want him to feel different.

The occupational therapist advised us that, it is better when my son is with a smaller population and in a controlled environment, like that in a private school with less than 10 students in each class. That we shall continue all the activities we’ve done during the therapy because he needs to follow his routine.

As parents, you would choose what’s best for your child, and so, we enrolled him in a private school when he was in second grade and he graduated 6th grade with honors. He is now in seventh grade and we are so proud of him.

Although it was hard to accept at first, I could say that, following his doctor’s and therapist’s advice, greatly helped us as parents, to better understand my son and to be able to respond to his condition properly.

ADHD is considered a disability, however, my son has proven that he is more than capable of doing things despite that, because he knows that he is accepted, supported and loved unconditionally.


Esports World

Esports World

(A sold-out audience fill the seats of KeyArena for The International Dota 2 Championships in July 2016 in Seattle, Washington. “Dota 2,” a free-to-play team strategy game, used millions of micropayments to fund a $10.2 million prize pool for the tournament — a bigger purse than the 2014 PGA Championship.)

It’s an esports world, and we’re just living in it.

It might have seemed liked hyperbole to say this a few years ago, but it’s become impossible to ignore the mammoth impact esports have left on gaming. Game developers can’t shrug about esports now that finals of last year’s League of Legends world championship pulled in 36 million daily views across the globe and distributed $6.3 million in prize money. Market researcher Newzoo predicts the esports gaming market, which grew to $493 million last year, will hit $1.1 billion by 2019. Given this monumental attention media-wise and economically, as well as a 100 percent viewership growth rate over the past few years, it’s only natural that we’ll see development ideas championed in the esports arena creep into other genres of the game development space as they seek to capture these eye-popping numbers for themselves.

The game DOTA 2, undeniably the most successful online game of all time in terms of the prize pool. The biggest tournament of Dota 2 (The International 2017) had a prize pool of 24.3 million dollars, over 92% of which was crowdfunded, breaking the record of the highest prize pool in e-sports history is happening this year, August 2-17, 2017. Yes, you read that right $24M.

So yes, it’s tempting to say that it’s an esports world, and we’re just living in it. As game designers take notes from an increasingly huge wing of video gaming that draws in millions of both dollars and players, we will start seeing the results of their note taking pop up more and more in games outside of the esports space. After all, game development is all about building off of good ideas and making them more unique to you, your game and the gamers who are in it to win.

Why cat is the best pet ever

                                               Watching my cats is happiness

Cats are very special to me…Yes they are and I just can’t stop loving them!I grew up in a house where you can see and interact with different kinds of pets, from dogs to birds,hamsters to snakes and of course, cats! I like dogs, birds, hamsters and snakes too , but my love for cats is different.There is something about them that can make me feel happy. Cats are moody, they can be very very sweet and affectionate at times, and can be very grouchy and grumpy.

   crystal the Abyssinian

Why cats makes the perfect pet? Well, aside from the fact that they are independent and low maintenance (they don’t eat as much as dogs) Cleanliness is their top priority! Cats spend a lot of time grooming and bathing themselves.Toilet habits? Cats prefer privacy when performing their “business” and usually cover the feces with sands or cat litter afterwards.Indoor cats are particularly fussy about the cleanliness of their litter boxes, and may refuse to use dirty litter box. Cats seldom have body odors unless they have a medical condition.They don’t stink even if you forget to give them a bath for months.


                                                                                                                                           Yats the puspin and Chanel the bengal

Cats are playful and quite acrobatic too.They are fun, loving and energetic… When they are in this kind of mood, this is the best time to play with them.They like running and skipping from couch to tables to windows and cabinets. Abyssinians, Siamese,Bengals and Puspins are examples of active,playful cats that loves to have fun.They are intelligent furrbabies that likes activity and attention.But they also want some “me my self and I time” too.A healthy cats sleeps 50 to 70 percent of the 24 hours in a day.Cats may sleep a lot,but when they’re awake they sure make the most of their time!

  Gucci the persian Foopow the snow bengal

They like squeezing into small spaces.Every time they see small boxes or small cabinets they like to jump and hide inside like they are telling their human parents to go and play hide and seek with them.Even they are domesticated cats  they still tend to show some wild instinct, like the squeezing into small spaces or boxes behavior is instinctive because they can hide (from predators) and feel safe when the walls of a box come into contacts with their bodies.

You can see cat behavior here

  Yats modeling


   Cats purr is the most soothing sound in the planet.Cats purr when they’re content or when they are asking their human parents for food.Purring is their way to communicate their emotions. Cats purr begins in its brain.A repetitive neural oscillator sends messages to the laryngeal muscles,causing them to twitch at a rate of 25 to 150 vibrations per second.This causes the vocal cords to separate when the cat inhales and exhales,producing a purr.